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Founding of the Merrimack Valley Commonwealth Compact

On November, 10, 2010, UMass Lowell, together with Lowell General Hospital and Middlesex Community College, hosted the kick-off of a new regional initiative of the Commonwealth Compact, with a focus on improving hiring, advancement and retention of employees of color in the Greater Merrimack Valley region. New signers that day were:

  • The City of Lowell
  • Community Teamwork Inc.
  • D’Youville Senior Care
  • Enterprise Bank
  • Lawrence General Hospital
  • Lowell Community Health Center
  • Middlesex Community College
  • North American Indian Center of Boston
  • Pharmaceutical Strategies
  • Saints Medical Center
  • The TJX Companies Inc.
  • Trinity EMS

Employers Sign Diversity Pledge 

Diversity Spirit Achievement Award

On May 11, 2010, UMass Lowell was honored with this award recognizing our efforts in diversity and inclusion initiatives on campus and in our region.  

Article: Diversity Spirit Achievement Award

Certificate, 2011 

Diversity in Motion: Veterans' Continuing Success

UMass Lowell hosted the third annual Diversity in Motion event on November 10, 2010: Helping Veterans Succeed

Diversity in Motion: Building Bridges

UMass Lowell hosted the second annual Diversity in Motion event on July 29, 2009: Diversity in Motion: Building Bridges. You can also this watch this video of the Diversity in Motion: Building Bridges event.

Diversity in Motion: A Forum on Workforce Diversity

UMass Lowell hosted the first annual Diversity in Motion event on December 11, 2007.

Diversity-in-Motion1_opt Diversity-in-Motion2_opt

EOO 'On the Air'

Interview with Patti DeRosa, August 14, 2008

 Interview with Pattie DeRosa

WUML Sunrise 91.5 - Patti DeRosa, president and CEO of Changeworks Consulting and a singer/songwriter, discusses diversity and “white privilege” and plays songs from her new CD, “Secrets and Stories.”
Public Service Announcements
UMass Lowell's radio station, WUML Sunrise 91.5, broadcast these three announcements by Equal Opportunity and Outreach:

Cultural Awareness

Cultural Competency in the workplace is increasingly understood as vital to effective communication and therefore a successful workplace. Cultural competency does not mean we all have to achieve an expert level of knowledge about every culture. Rather it means understanding that people from different backgrounds and cultures often communicate in different ways. Those differences can lead to misunderstandings and get in the way of an effective workplace unless we make efforts to listen carefully, ask respectful questions, and never assume what someone means. For more information, go to Workplace Issues.

Equity in Hiring

Are you planning to do some hiring soon? When you interview someone for a position, you know the candidate is trying to impress you. But you need to make a good impression too. Based on what you say and do, the candidate can tell whether the University offers a welcoming climate that appreciates the value of a diverse workforce and understands that its work can be accomplished through a variety of skills and talents. When preparing to conduct an interview, reflect on how your questions and demeanor will reflect on your office and the campus.  For more information on fair minority recruitment and fair hiring, go to Equity in Hiring.

Religion and the Workplace

Sometimes, people are confused about what religious expression is allowed in the workplace. For example, are you restricted from wearing religious jewelry in the workplace? Some people think so, but you are allowed to wear jewelry expressing your religious beliefs. What about playing religious music? A common sense approach is best. There may be times when music of any kind interferes with the priorities of work. If the volume prevents colleagues from concentrating on work or forces them to raise their voices to speak, it's too loud. For more information on religious considerations in the workplace, go to Religious Considerations.