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Diversity Education and Awareness

In addition to Workplace Learning and Development courses offered by the university, the Equal Opportunity and Outreach Office offers other training resources.

Online Programs

University Employees should go to the Gender Equity and Title IX page and take the "Intersections: Anti-Harassment & Title IX" training, which is required for all university employees. The supervisor module is required for all supervisors. For additional information about this program please contact Clara I. Reynolds, Title IX Coordinator at 978-934-3565

EOO Workshops

EOO is available to present workshops tailored to the individual needs of academic units and administrative departments. Workshops may address topics such as inclusion and cultural competency, sexual harassment and discriminatory harassment prevention, responsibilities of managers and disability concerns. Please contact an equal opportunity associate with questions.

Civility Toolkit

When civility and respect are the guiding principles for conflict management, employees can thrive and know that their own individual contributions are valued. In such a workplace climate, all employees can creatively and cooperatively contribute from their own diverse perspectives. For this reason, civility is a proactive behavior that can reduce concerns about discrimination. It can enhance job satisfaction, productivity and employee retention.

A Civility Toolkit contains tips, strategies and other helpful ideas.

EOO is available to facilitate civility workshops upon request. Please contact an equal opportunity associate.