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Recruitment Search Advising Partnership Overview

Phase I: Planning, Budget Approval, Posting Process

  • Identifies need for position/posting & discusses requirements/job description internally
  • Replacement/new position
  • Reviews job description with Compensation Director (if new position or changes to existing)
  • Seeks position pre-approval from Executive Cabinet
  • Identify Search Chair
Search Chair  
  • Identifies search committee
  • Submits Recruitment Plan to Search Adviser – Ruby Carnevale
Search Adviser – Ruby Carnevale
  • Reviews Recruitment Plan
  • Discusses search strategy, under-utilization info, provides assistance with interview questions
  • Verifies if training is needed for search committee members
Search Partner– Brenda Dumont
  • Contact for internal postings, grants & contracts 
Search Adviser partners with Diversity Adviser
  • If additional reports are needed
Search Chair 
  • Enters posting into PeopleAdmin/ATS 
  • Submits for approval to post
Position posted in ATS

Phase II: Strategy, Interviewing & Selection

Search Adviser & Search Chair (ongoing)
  • Work with search adviser on pool diversity vs. availability
Search Adviser partners with Diversity Adviser 
  • Pool review/development
  • Distributes Guest User ID
Search Chair & Search committee review applicant pool/resumes
  • Selects candidates for phone interview (if applicable) and completes matrix – submits to search adviser for review
  • Updates applicants status to ‘Phone Interview/Video Conferencing’
  • Submits consolidated telephone evaluation form (one per applicant interviewed) to search adviser for review
Search Adviser partners with Diversity Adviser
  • Ensures that interviewing pool reflects diversity of applicant pool
Search Chair
  • Partners with Search Adviser on final candidate selection, submits evaluation forms to search adviser for review and partners with search adviser on final selection
  • Checks references of final candidate(s)
Search Adviser
  • Confirm that evaluation forms have been submitted and partner with search chair on final selection

Phase III : Finalizing the Search

Search Chair
  • Updates status to “Recommend for Hire to EOO/HR’ (if position is still posted – request for position to be closed before entering hiring proposal)
  • Enters hiring proposal in ATS
  • Maintains appropriate applicant status changes in ATS (interviewed, not interviewed, non-selection statuses)
  • Request to close posting when search is finalized
  • Submits for salary approval
Final salary approved