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Industry Partners

Graduate Student Interns Available

Professional Science Master's (PSM) program interns use existing skills to support your workplace needs while learning and contributing to the business aspects of science within your organization. Interns bring analytical capability with appreciation for "business of science." The PSM curriculum provides students comprehensive science education with practice of professional oral and written communication skills. PSM graduate students have undergraduate degrees in a variety of disciplines - life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics or engineering. Internships are minimum 350-hour paid placements of three to six months or longer. 

Employer Advisory Board

The Employer Advisory Board plays a key role in shaping the PSM programs. Active guidance of senior industry leaders is a vital asset to the UMass PSM programs. Industry leaders participate in planning curricula responsive to industry needs and arranging internships that are mutually beneficial to the students and employers.

Several regional business and government entities are in support of the UMass PSM programs and pledge continued involvement in program development. Organizations include Boston Scientific, GeoMed Analytical, Genzyme, Waters Inc., Millipore Corporation, Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council.