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Bachelor's-to-Master's Programs

Bachelor's to Master's Programs give you the opportunity to save money and time by completing two degrees in as little as five years

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There are nearly two dozen undergraduate majors that offer direct pathways to master’s programs within the same discipline, but virtually every UMass Lowell undergraduate program has a bachelor’s to master’s degree opportunity.

Specific advantages of the Bachelor's-to-Master's Programs include:

  • Graduate Record Exam waived for applicants with a GPA of 3.0 or higher (See note about Fast Track Teacher Certification Program).
  • Graduate application fee waived for applicants with a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  • Double counting courses toward both degrees saving time and money.

Students can continue from bachelor’s to master’s level studies within their own department. Or students can apply to a program in a different department to create a set of skills to meet emerging needs in the workplace and their own academic interests.

Bachelors to Master's Programs, a special category of Bachelor's to Master's degrees, can be completed in a total of five years. Students can choose to take longer than one year to complete the master's curriculum.

How to Apply

Students interested in pursuing a combined Bachelor's to Master's Program should contact the department’s graduate coordinator as early as their sophomore year in order to receive the most benefit from advising on course selection. Apply online with the Office of Graduate Admissions.

Those students interested in becoming teachers should apply to the Fast Track Teacher Certification Program offered by the College of Education.

More information is available in the UMass Lowell online Graduate Academic Catalog.