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TA/RA Timeline

TA/RA Contracts: Guidelines for Academic Year 2021

Docusign based TA/RA contracts for AY2021 will be available beginning Monday, May 5, 2020.

HR deadline to ensure that TA/RA’s will be paid for the first pay period in fall: Friday, Aug 7, 2020.

The responsibilities of each approver and the DocuSign based contract process workflow are outlined below:

Role & WorkflowResponsibilities
Department Administration
  • Initiates Contract
  • Defines: Course assignment (for TA for fall semester) and scope of work ( TA & RA)
  • Verifies Eligibility: Matriculation, Minimum 3.0 GPA & education level, performance evaluation for prior semester
Department Chair for TA / Faculty Member for RA
  • Approves: Course assignment (for TA for fall semester) and scope of work ( TA & RA)
Dean’s Office (Preliminary Review)
  • Validates : Salary Level, HR Account Code, Funding
  • Satisfactory performance evaluation
StudentUploads unofficial UMass Lowell transcript to Docusign contract with following details:
  1. Spring 2020 GPA
  2. Full-time Fall 2020 course enrollment
  3. Approved reduced course load waiver (if registered for less than 9 credits)
Dean’s Office ( Approval)
  • Approves: Salary Level, HR Account Code, Funding
  • Verifies: Scope of work & GEO Dues, Academic Standing, full-time enrollment
Vice Chancellor, Research & Innovation (for RA contracts)
  • Validates: Funding for RA contracts, HR Account Codes
  • Approves RA Contracts
Provost’s Office (for all contracts)
  • Verifies: Salary Level, HR Account Code, Funding, Scope of work & GEO Dues, Academic Standing, full-time enrollment
  • Approves TA and RA contracts
Human Resources
  • Submits to Payroll for data entry
  • Process I-9 for new hires
  • Marks completion of contract


  1. Departments are encouraged to create academic year long contracts for TA and RA (where funding is available). In such cases, the spring course assignment for TA’s may be submitted as a consolidated document to the Vice Provost’s office - Informational Change Form by December 15th.
  2. Please refer to GEO guidelines for step level changes that may be required due to changes in student status
  3. Contracts for new students may be extended as soon as they have accepted the offer for TA/RA. In such cases, students must submit UML transcript with full-time enrollment for first semester at UMass Lowell. Transcript from prior university is not required.
  4. Departments should forward new hire information to HR directly. The contract process for new hires is complete only after student completes the I-9 with HR.

Changesto a contract may be effected through the DocuSign contracts and change forms.

To terminate a contract, please email HR / Payroll with a copy to department chair, student, supervisor, PI (for RA contracts), Vice Provost: (for all contracts) and Vice Chancellor: (for RA Contracts).