Benefits of a UMass Lowell Education

There are clear hallmarks of a UMass Lowell education, each focused on helping students succeed in their academic careers and, after graduation, in their professional careers.

Learning at UMass Lowell is characterized by

Experiential Learning

•     Students learn through:

  • work experience in industry and business (paid co-ops)
  • service in community or civic projects
  • discovery doing research with world-class faculty
  • international experiences.

•      Experiential learning enhances each student’s ability to address challenges in industry, business, or society.

Interdisciplinary Learning

Students may

  • Create an interdisciplinary program by combining a major and minor,
    engineering or science major with management or music major with a science or engineering, or another unique combination.
  • Choose an inherently interdisciplinary major.

Student Success through Learning Communities

•         Learning communities connect small groups of students who work together to explore topics of interest to all.
•         Communities connect students to each other, to a professor in their major and to the campus community.
•         All freshmen are enrolled in learning communities.

Commonwealth Honors Program

The Honors Program offers

  •    First-year seminars and advanced workshops
  •    Honors courses in your major
  •    Research experience and Senior Thesis
  •    Honors residence hall
  •    Enrichment activities.

More than 400 students across all majors currently participate.

Co-ops, Internships and Jobs

•         Career Services assists students in locating internships and co-ops.
•         More than 250 companies have hired international students for flexible, paid internships or co-ops.
•         UMass Lowell graduates earn the highest mid-career salaries of any public institution in New England.

Accelerated Master’s Programs (Plus One Programs)

•         Earn a master’s degree in a fifth year of study.
•         Enroll in certain graduate courses during your senior year.
•         Your Master’s degree can be in any of the colleges.
•         Your Master’s degree can be in the same discipline as your undergraduate major or in a different discipline.

Professional Science Masters Degrees

Professional Science Master’s Degrees (PSMs):

  • Are geared for advancement in industry and business
  • Combine disciplinary training in science or engineering with business fundamentals, project leadership, team work and communication
  • Include a co-op in industry or business
  • Are currently offered in Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Health Physics, Forensic Chemistry.

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