The Benefits of a UMass Lowell Education

There are clear hallmarks of a UMass Lowell education, each focused on helping students succeed in their academic careers and, after graduation, in their professional careers.

Learning at UMass Lowell is characterized by:

Experiential Learning


     Students learn through:

  • work experience in industry and business (paid co-ops)
  • service in community or civic projects
  • discovery doing research with world-class faculty
  • international experiences.

             Experiential learning enhances each student’s ability to address challenges in industry, business, or society.


Interdisciplinary learning


         Students may:

  • Create an interdisciplinary program by combining a major and minor,

* engineering or science major with management or

* music major with a science or engineering, or

* another unique combination

  • Choose an inherently interdisciplinary major.

Student Success through Learning Communities


         Learning communities connect small groups of students who work together to explore topics of interest to all.

         Communities connect students to each other, to a professor in their major and to the campus community.

         All freshmen are enrolled in learning communities.


Commonwealth Honors Program


         The Honors Program offers 

   * First year seminars and advanced workshops,

   * Honors courses in your major,

   * Research experience  and Senior Thesis,

   * Honors residence hall, and

   * Enrichment acti

  • More than 400 students across all majors currently participate.

Co-ops, Internships and Jobs


         Career Services assists students in locating internships and co-ops.

         More than 250 companies have hired international students for flexible, paid internships or co-ops.

         UMass Lowell graduates earn the highest mid-career salaries of any public institution in New England.


Accelerated Master’s Programs (Plus One Progams)

         Earn a master’s degree in a fifth year of study.

         Enroll in certain graduate courses during your senior year.

         Your Master’s can be in any of the colleges.

         Your Master’s can be in the same discipline as your undergraduate major or in a different discipline.


Professional Science Masters Degrees

         Professional Science Master’s Degrees (PSMs):


Are geared for advancement in industry and business,

*  Combine disciplinary training in science or engineering with business fundamentals, project leadership, team work and communication,

*  Include a co-op in industry or business, and

*  Are currently offered in Biomedical Engineering, Biotechnology, Health Physics, Forensic Chemistry.

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