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Global Students

Enrollment Options

Enrollment Options for International Students

There are two basic ways to take advantage of the opportunities offered by UMass Lowell: 

  • Complete all your undergraduate (4-year Option, apply as a Freshman) or Graduate study (use a Graduate application) at UMass Lowell
  • Combine study in your home country with study at UMass Lowell:
    • 2 + 2 (apply as an Undergraduate Transfer) for BS degree
    • 3 + 1 (apply as an UndergraduateTransfer) for BS degree
    • 3 + 2 (apply as an Undergraduate Transfer) for BS/MS degree

These international Enrollment Options are currently available in the fields of

Computer Science
• All Engineering disciplines

Check back often to see in which additional academic programs these enrollment options have become available. 

Applying to UMass Lowell

Before applying, please read the information for international students available at the Undergraduate and Graduate admissions websites. Look through both of these sites completely, as they contain information about the application process that you will find helpful.

To apply as a Freshman or undergraduate transfer student, please use the Undergraduate application. There is a place on the application to indicate if you are a Freshman or Transfer.

To apply as a graduate student, please use the Graduate application.

Admissions - 883 Broadway Street, Suite 110, Lowell, MA 01854-3931
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