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About Us

We’re here for you, and we have you covered!

The GEO represents all teaching assistants, residence advisers and graduate assistants at UMass Lowell. The Graduate Employee Organization on campus is represented by the United Auto Workers Union Local 1596. The GEO works to improve benefits and working conditions for all Graduate Employees.  We have a GEO Committee here on campus that is constantly working for you and can answer questions or raise concerns that you may have regarding your work at UMass Lowell.

Since 1996, the GEO has been a strong organization on the UMass Lowell campus.  We work for your well-being and job satisfaction and want you to use the GEO as a resource during your time of employment at UMass Lowell.  Remember, you are doing valuable work for the University. Without your work the University wouldn't be able to function properly, and with this comes the right to have a say in how the University of Massachusetts Lowell will operate. At the GEO, our goals always prioritize the interests of the Graduate Employees.