It is every employee’s responsibility to protect the University from unethical behavior. Ethical violations in any form will not be tolerated. To help prevent and detect unethical behavior each employee is tasked with safeguarding and preserving the assets and resources of the University, particularly those for which he or she is responsible. In accordance with the University's Fraudulent Financial Activities Policy, each University employee is expected to report any instance of suspected ethical misconduct to management and / or University Internal Audit.

University Internal Audit

The following are examples of the types of activity that should be reported to University Internal Audit:

  • Embezzlement of funds
  • Theft of University assets, e.g., computers and supplies
  • Misuse of University credit cards, e.g., making personal purchases
  • Using University assets for personal gain
  • Corruption
  • Non-compliance with State and Federal laws

The Ethics and Fraud Hotline is in place so employees can convey their concerns to University Internal Audit. All calls and emails are handled confidentially and employees are protected under MA "Whistleblower" Law, Ch. 149, Section 185 from retaliation by their employer.

Ethics and Fraud Hotline: phone: 774-455-7555, email:

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