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Research & Development Committee

ACADEMIC YEAR 2019 - 2020

This committee shall deal with such areas as the encouragement of research and scholarly activity, procedures for the review and monitoring of university research activities, and related areas of faculty development such as cultural activities and scholarly exchanges.  

Meeting Dates: TBD

Committee Membership:

Kennedy College of Sciences

  • Kwok-Fan Chow, Chemistry 
  • Nilabja Guha, Mathematics

Francis College of Engineering

  • Robert Parkin, Mechanical Engineering
  • Scott Stapleton, Mechanical Engineering

Fine Arts Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Whitley Kaufman, Philosophy
  • Maureen Stanton, English

Zuckerberg College of Health Sciences

  • Guixin He, Biomedical and Nutritional Sciences

Manning School of Business

  • Ann Kronrod, Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

College of Education

  • TBD 

Faculty Senate President (ex officio)

  • Michael Graves, Biological Sciences

Representative of the Administration (non-voting)

  • TBD

*Denotes Committee Chair (TBD)