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Space Committee

The Space Committee advises the executive cabinet in maximizing utility of existing space and accommodating university growth in appropriately sized and modern facilities through space reassignment, the annual call process, and capital project opportunities.

Space Planning and Assignment

Guided by the university's Space Assignment Policy, the Space Committee monitors the facilities needs of all university departments and functions and make changes to space assignments when necessary to enable the ongoing renewal and renovation of the entire campus. Special consideration is given to avoid disruption to instruction, research activities, student life, and university services.

The Space Committee also provides oversight of the planning, design, and construction of capital projects on behalf of the executive cabinet.

Annual Call

The Annual Call process was developed to assist with the solicitation, review and prioritization of the campus requests for facilities upgrades and renovations. The process results in a prioritized list of projects for the near term and upcoming fiscal years. The projects incorporated into the Annual Plan reflect the university’s overall strategic vision, campus, master plans, and academic initiatives.

Annual Call requests are submitted through the Deans and Vice Chancellors. More information on Annual Call.

Office Space Guidelines

To ensure equitable allocation of appropriately sized office space, the Executive Cabinet has adopted Office Space Guidelines for Space Committee and Facilities Management to plan and make recommendations for capital projects and space assignments.

The Space Request Process

To submit a request to the Space Committee, please inform your Dean or Associate Vice Chancellor of your space request and ask them to contact their Space Committee representative. Requests may also be submitted to Facilities Planning by email: An online form is being developed and will be posted here soon.

Space Committee Members:


  • Joanne Yestramski, Senior Vice Chancellor for Finance, Operations, Strategic Planning
  • Julie Chen, Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development


  • Joseph Hartman, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
  • Larry Siegel, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and University Events
  • Noureddine Melikechi, Dean of Kennedy College of Sciences, Professor
  • Thomas Dreyer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management
  • Adam Baacke, Director of Campus Planning & Development, Facilities Management
  • Jean Robinson, Director of Capital Projects, Facilities Management
  • Peter Brigham, Assistant Director of Campus Planning & Development, Facilities Management
  • Leanne Peters, Assistant Director of Project Management, Facilities Management
  • Mary Robbins, Senior Associate to the Provost - Communication and Faculty Success
  • Ann Storer, Senior Planner, Facilities Management
  • Kathleen Allen, Capital Budget Analyst, Financial Services