Aerial photo of UMass Lowell's North Campus

In 2011, the University completed a South Campus Sector Plan. In addition to specific recommendations for academic programming and facilities to house those programs, this plan called for an open space framework to develop over time.

The open space framework includes:

  • A structured campus mall or quadrangle to be anchored by Coburn Hall
  • An organic, free-flowing green space along the western/Pawtucket Street edge of the campus
  • Recreational fields

Implementation of the South Campus Sector Plan has included the Health and Social Sciences Building and the renovation of McGauvran Hall. At the conclusion of the McGauvran project, South Dining hall is slated for demolition, setting the stage for the campus mall. The South Campus Landscape Master Plan will provide a detailed master plan that includes specific design recommendations and implementation phasing. A goal is to be prepared to implement the first phases of landscaping construction in coordination with the establishment of the south campus mall. The project will include “natural” areas, hardscaping, outdoor furnishings, planting areas and plant materials. Consideration will be given to circulation, viewsheds, outdoor spaces for study, recreation, gathering, and social interactions, as well as infrastructure, maintenance, functionality, and the development of campus standards.

2020 Strategic Plan

A key aspect of the South Campus Landscape Master Plan will be the sense of place established by a true campus quadrangle, extending from historic Coburn Hall to O’Leary Library, supporting Pillar IV, “Leverage Our Legacy and Our Place”. The plan also directly supports the master planning, physical environment and infrastructure aspects of Pillar V, “Entrepreneurial Stewardship in Higher Education”.

Project Governance

Steering Group

  • Jacqueline Maloney, Chancellor
  • Joanne Yestramski, Vice Chancellor Finance and Operations 
  • Luis Falcon, Dean of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences
  • Anita Greenwood, Dean of Education
  • Shortie McKinney, Dean of College of Health Sciences
  • Tom Dreyer, Associate Vice Chancellor Facilities Management
  • Adam Baacke, Director of Campus Planning
  • Tom Miliano, Director of Administrative and Office Services
  • Rich Lemoine, Director of Environmental and Emergency Management
  • James Kohl, Dean of Student Affairs and Enrichment
  • Jean Robinson, Director of Capital Projects
  • TJ McCarthy, Director of Operations and Services

Working Group

  • Peter Brigham, Assistant Director of Urban Design, Transportation, and Campus Development
  • Joe Caulfield, Project Manager
  • Sean Belanger, Grounds Operations Manager
  • Ruairi O’Mahoney, Transportation Demand Manager
  • Professor Siegel, Department of Psychology
  • Janelle Diaz, Student Disability Services
  • Glen McDonald, Associate Director of Environmental & Emergency Management
  • James Christopher, President, Student Government Association