Aerial photo of UMass Lowell's North Campus

This plan is a strategic update of the 2012 sector plan for south campus, and will incorporate the ongoing stream of sector and system planning. It is now in the data collection phase, and is expected to outline an updated campus development approach for the next 10 year planning period (2015 – 2025).

The south campus plan will support many of the goals outlined in the 2020 Strategic Plan, including those outlined by the Committee on Undergraduate Education and Student Success, the Committee on Graduate Education and Academic Programs, and the Committee on Facilities Renewal and Campus Planning.

The Steering Committee established for the previous plan is expected to be reconvened for this update.

  • Jacqueline Moloney, Chancellor
  • Joanne Yestramski, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations
  • Don Pierson, Provost
  • Julie Chen, Vice Provost for Research
  • Charlotte Mandell, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Luis Falcon, Dean, School of Humanities, Fine Arts, & Social Sciences
  • Shortie McKinney, Dean, College of Health Sciences
  • Anita Greenwood, Dean, School of Education
  • Tom Dreyer, Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management
  • Adam Baacke, Director, Campus Planning & Development
  • Deborah Poodry, Special Advisor