Aerial photo of UMass Lowell's North Campus

A major long-range planning goal for UMass Lowell is to shorten both the perceived and real distance between South Campus and the balance of the University’s properties, its “One University – One Campus” 2020 Strategic Plan vision. Doing so will aide in student recruitment and retention by increasing the sense of a unified campus experience. It will also have tremendous impacts on UMass Lowell’s transportation and parking programs and costs if a sense of proximity encourages more university constituents to walk or cycle between the campuses rather than relying on personal vehicles or shuttle buses. Finally, strengthening these connections will almost necessarily also enhance the University’s relationship with the Merrimack River, which will in turn benefit the campus’s and the community’s visual and physical appeal.

The University has engaged Stantec’s Urban Places Group to assist with the development of recommendations to improve the Pawtucket Street corridor that forms a conduit from East Campus to South Campus. This project is a priority of Student Government Leadership and enjoys financial support from the Theodore Edison Parker Foundation. As a joint initiative with the City of Lowell, this project also supports the “One Campus – One City” priority of the 2020 Strategic Plan.

As a complement to this effort, the University has been partnering with the City of Lowell to seek Federal Grant funding to address the deteriorating canal bridges along this corridor. For more information see


  • Adam Baacke, Director of Campus Planning and Development
  • Nicolas Bosonetto, City of Lowell Transportation Engineer
  • Peter Brigham, Assistant Director of Planning
  • James Christopher, Student Government President
  • Paul Marion, Executive Director of Community Relations
  • Ruairi O’Mahony, Parking and Transportation
  • Judy Tymon, City of Lowell Associate Planner

A draft plan was presented at public forum held on March 21, 2016. Download the presentation. If you have comments or questions, please e-mail Adam Baacke.