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Instructional Space Analysis

During the Winter of 2013, an inventory and analysis of instructional space on campus was conducted to provide a base of information to support future instructional space planning.

All instruction spaces on campus were photographed and an inventory of major furniture, academic technology, and physical conditions of the spaces. A utilization analysis tool was also developed.  This material is planned for update in Winter 2015/16.

Participants in this effort included:

  • John Ting, Vice Provost for Enrollment
  • Julie Chen, Vice Provost for Research
  • Mai Nguyen, Senior Associate Registrar
  • Deborah Poodry, Senior Advisor, Capital & Space Planning, Facilities Management
  • Morgan Pinney, Campus Planner, Facilities Management
  • Jessica Valenti, GIS Coordinator, Facilities Management
  • Florentina Corbescu, CAD Specialist, Facilities Management
  • Janet Li, Campus Planner, Facilities Management
  • Charles Craig, Facilities & Campus Planner
  • Student Survey Team from the Office of the Registrar