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Facilities Information Systems Master Plan

The Facilities Information Systems (FIS) Master Plan developed a vision for, and a roadmap to build, a map-based, one-stop-shop for all data related to campus buildings, grounds, and activities. The goal of the system is to increase collaboration and efficiency across campus. With participation from over 70 stakeholders, the plan documented existing systems, opportunities for data sharing across departments, and specific implementation priorities, including:

  • replacing the work order management system
  • addressing document management needs
  • mapping utility systems
  • increasing the use of mobile data collection

The FIS is available within the university network via the InVision Campus Viewer. The UMass Lowell FIS was featured in a white paper by PenBay solutions, the consultants who assisted with the plan.

 2020 Strategic Plan

The FIS Master plan is a key piece of infrastructure for tracking and analyzing many aspects of the 2020 Strategic Plan, from maps and analysis that inform master planning to data that support accreditation and Academic Quality and Development Review. Through the FIS master plan, the Facilities Planning team is able to support and track the renewal, modernization, and right-sizing of campus facilities as well as collaborate with groups on topics such as campus safety, emergency response, and transportation.

The plan was informed by input from a wide array of campus stakeholders:

  • Facilities Management Administrative Services: Transportation/Parking, UCAPs
  • Environmental & Emergency Management
  • Web Services / Campus Mapping
  • Campus Police
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Event Services
  • Registrar