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Campus Accessibility

The Physical Improvements Plan developed a targeted, incremental plan for priority accessibility projects across campus and added accessibility information to maps for visitors, students, faculty and staff. Coordinated closely with ongoing sector planning and capital projects, the plan identified strategic improvements with high impact that also met code compliance objectives. The summary presentation (CAPIP.PDF) includes the project scope, status maps showing progress since 2011, and updates on current and recently completed accessibility improvements.

2020 Strategic Plan

Increasing physical accessibility in campus buildings and landscape helps create an inclusive culture in support of Pillar II: “Global Engagement & Inclusive Culture”. The plan also supports Pillar IV, “Leverage Our Legacy and Our Place”, by ensuring campus buildings and grounds help enrich and sustain the human experience regardless of physical, cognitive and emotional abilities.

Advisory Group:

  • Peter Brigham, Facilities Management, Planning
  • Janelle Diaz, Student Representative
  • Jody Goldstein, Student Disability Services
  • James Kohl, Division of Student Affairs
  • Tom Miliano, Administrative and Office Services
  • TJ McCarthy, Facilities Management, Operations
  • Deidra Murphy, School of Health and Environment
  • Mai Nguyen, Office of the Registrar
  • Clara Orlando, Human Resources, Equal Opportunity and Outreach
  • Beth Rubenstein, Facilities Management, Planning
  • Rupinder Sembhi, Facilities Management, Project Management
  • Rick Wood, Environmental and Emergency Management