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Art & Exhibition Program Planning

The Arts & Exhibition Program will create the groundwork for enhancing teaching, intellectual curiosity, research, community engagement, and the visual quality of our university through a dynamic arts and exhibits program. The goal of this planning program includes establishing consensus and management tools for the installation, organization and documentation of visual arts on campus, as well as exhibits of exemplary archival, scholarly and research material. 

Several campus-wide initiatives are underway to support the goals of this initiative, including a survey and evaluation of potential exhibit sites across all campuses, establishment of a professional registry and database of art assets currently owned by the University, a pilot exhibit installation on Jack Kerouac exhibit at the Allen House, and launching an Art in Architecture program in conjunction with the construction of the Pulichino Tong Building.

Steering Committee:

  • Luis Falcon, Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences, Committee Co-Chair
  • Deborah Poodry, Special Advisor, Capital and Space Planning, Committee Co-Chair
  • Frank Andrews, Associate Dean, Robert J Manning School of Business, Finance
  • Adam Baacke, Director of Campus Planning, Facilities management
  • Celeste Bernardo, Superintendent Lowell National Historical Park
  • Sara Bogosian, President & Executive Director, Whistler House Museum of Art
  • Christopher Carlsmith, Associate Professor, History
  • Supriya Chakrabarti, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies
  • Aldo Crugnola, Professor & Dean Emeritus, Plastics Engineering
  • Brenda Evans, Dean, Student Affairs & Event Services
  • Jehanne-Marie Gavarini, Art Department Chair, Co-Director Center for Arts& Ideas
  • George Hart, Director of Libraries
  • Bryce Hoffman, Executive Director of Marketing
  • Wael Kamal, Director of Media Studies & Journalism, Lecturer, Art Department
  • Paul Marion, Executive Director of Community & Cultural Affairs, University Relations
  • Michael Millner, Associate Professor, English, Co-Director American Studies
  • Julie Nash, Associate Dean of the College of Fine Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Mark Reimer, Executive Director of Special Initiatives, University Advancement
  • Ellen Wetmore, Assistant Professor, Art Department

Additional working groups have been formed to address pilot projects.

Pillars of Excellence:

  • Transformational Education
  • Global Engagement & Inclusive Culture
  • Leverage Our Legacy and Our Place