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COVID-19 Cleaning Protocols

Facilities, staff, deans and other administrators are increasingly being flooded with news reports, guidance from public health authorities, position documents and recommendations from engineering and trades associations, and promotional materials from manufacturers and service providers on tools and methods to reduce COVID-19 risks to their building occupants. The information and guidance are often unsolicited, conflicting, seemingly change by the hour, and may not be practical to your (or any) situation.
Subject matter experts within UML Facilities have been continuously monitoring reports in the news, guidance from federal and state agencies (such as CDC & EPA), procedures from trade associations (such as ASHRE, ANSI), and the medical and scientific literature to assess risks and to evaluate mitigation strategies. 
The COVID-19 details and scenarios continue to be fluid.  At this time one thing remains consistent that there is no engineering or operational solution that exists that will eliminate all risk. There are many devices and modified procedures being advertised as solutions but may fail to provide any measurable gains, and they may dramatically divert limited funds from other strategies that are far more practical and likely to provide benefits. 
Facilities will continue to weigh all of these resources to determine what is most practical in terms of risk and cost with the shared goal of campus safety and good stewardship.

General Cleaning Standard

University buildings and dormitories will continue to be cleaned to APPA-2 cleanliness levels defined as vertical and horizontal surfaces have a freshly cleaned or polished appearance, but might have lite accumulation of dust, dirt, marks, streaks, smudges.

Bathrooms will be cleaned daily, with additional cleaning and disinfection occurring throughout the day.

“High touch” points, such as main building entry ways, elevators and common area spaces, will be cleaned several times throughout the day/evening.

Cleaning Product Information

The UML Housekeeping team uses CDC/EPA COVID-19 approved disinfection products in all routine cleaning. All products provided to the community in cleaning kits and refill stations are also CDC/EPA approved for COVID-19 use.

Classroom Cleaning Standard

Classrooms will be cleaned each morning that classes are in session.

Additionally, the university will supply a “cleaning kit” in each classroom/instructional space. The kit will include one spray bottle, paper towels and user information card.

Students/instructors should wipe down desk surfaces at the end/beginning of each class.

Each night Facilities Management will re-stock each kit for following day use.

Housekeeping will clean all instructional spaces once a day at the beginning of the day.

Office Cleaning Standard

Office staff will be responsible for disinfecting their own work spaces frequently.

The university will provide a cleaning kit of one spray bottle, paper towels and user information for each office suite.

The office personnel will share the cleaning supplies and be responsible for refilling the spray bottles at a centrally located refilling station.

The Facilities Department will replenish paper supplies upon request to FM Service Center.

‘Cleaning Kit’ Supply/Filling Station Information:

UMass Lowell Housekeeping will refill and restock classroom cleaning kit spray bottles daily as needed.

Office suite cleaning kit spray bottles can be refilled as needed at the building’s designated self-service refilling station, located in the first-floor lobbies of the following buildings:

  • 839 Merrimack St.
  • Dugan
  • Durgin
  • Saab ETIC
  • Fox
  • Health & Social Sciences Bldg.
  • Inn & Conference Ctr.
  • Kitson (Falmouth / Southwick use also)
  • Mahoney
  • Office of Central Receiving
  • Perry (for Ball use also)
  • Pinanski
  • University Crossing Bldg. B
  • Wannalancit
  • Weed

Cleaning Kit Refill Station Locations By Map

To request additional paper products, please call the Facilities Management Service Center at 978-934-2601.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

CDC guidance recommends whenever possible frequent handwashing should occur at bathroom closest to your work/study area. Hand sanitizer is not a replacement for handwashing.

The university will maintain hand sanitizer stations at the following building locations:

  1. the main entry doorways to each building
  2. near elevator lobbies

Facilities will refill hand sanitizer stations as needed. Please report empty hand sanitizer stations to the Facilities Service Center at 978-934-2601

Hand sanitizer used at UMass Lowell meets CDC/EPA guidelines.