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Sheet music for Pomp and Circumstance.

Faculty & Staff

  • Alan Williams, Ph.D.

    Alan Williams, Ph.D.

    Chair of Music Dept., Professor; Coordinator of Music Business, Musicianship

    Music Business

  • John-Morgan Bush

    John-Morgan Bush

    Lecturer of Music, Executive Director, UMass Lowell String Project and Youth Orchestra

    Orchestra Performance and freelancing in the greater NYC area, and presenting interdisciplinary solo and chamber music recitals.

  • William Carman

    William Carman

    Associate Director, SRT Facilities

    Sound recording technology

  • Alexander Case

    Alexander Case

    Associate Professor

    Sound recording technology

  • Ramon Castillo, D.M.A.

    Ramon Castillo, D.M.A.


    Musicianship & Music Business; Composition, Electroacoustic music, Music technology, Performance

  • Timothy Crain

    Timothy Crain


    Music History, Jazz History

  • Amy Dinsmore

    Amy Dinsmore

    Administrative Assistant


  • Gena R. Greher, Ed.D.

    Gena R. Greher, Ed.D.

    Professor; Coordinator of Music Education

    Music education

  • Debra-Nicole Huber

    Debra-Nicole Huber

    Director, Instrumental Music Outreach & Associate Director University Bands

    Instrumental ensembles, conducting, music technology & music education

  • Elissa JohnsonGreen

    Elissa JohnsonGreen

    Assistant Professor in Music

  • Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee

    Visiting Lecturer in Musicianship, Applied Percussion

    Music Theory & Aural Skills

  • Daniel Lutz

    Daniel Lutz

    Director, University Bands

    Instrumental ensembles

  • David Martins

    David Martins

    Professor Emeritus

    Performance, Woodwinds, Instrumental conducting, instrumental ensembles

  • Christopher McGahan

    Christopher McGahan

    Emeritus Faculty

    Choral conducting, music history

  • Anthony Mele

    Anthony Mele

    Emeritus Faculty


  • Garrett Michaelsen

    Garrett Michaelsen

    Assistant Professor

    Musicianship and Musicology

  • Joshua Millard

    Joshua Millard

    Lecturer, Performance Coordinator

    Music Performance- Guitar

  • William Moylan

    William Moylan

    Professor, Coordinator

    Sound recording technology, music theory

  • Kay Roberts

    Kay Roberts

    Emeritus Faculty, Founding Director - String Project

    Orchestral conducting, Strings

  • John Shirley

    John Shirley


    Sound recording technology, composition, electroacoustic music, harmonica

  • Paula Telesco

    Paula Telesco

    Associate Professor

    Music theory

  • Brandon Vaccaro, D.M.A.

    Brandon Vaccaro, D.M.A.


    Sound Recording Technology, Composition, Electroacoustic music

  • Daniel Walzer, MFA

    Daniel Walzer, MFA

    Assistant Professor of Composition for New Media

    Music Technology, Audio and Media Production, Educational Leadership