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Daniel Walzer

image of Daniel Walzer
Dr. Daniel WalzerAssistant Professor of Composition for New Media

Research Interests

Music Technology, Interdisciplinary Education, Audio Production, Curriculum Development, Educational Leadership.


  • Ph D: Leadership , (2017), University of the Cumberlands - Williamsburg, KY
    Supporting Area: Andragogy and Music Technology Education
  • MFA: Music Production and Sound Design for Visual Media , (2014), Academy of Art University - San Francisco, CA
  • : Jazz Studies , (2005), University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH
  • : Jazz Studies , (2000), Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, OH


Assistant Professor of Music

Selected Publications

  • Walzer, D. (2019). The Loom Machines of Boott Mill (Lowell): A Composition from the New England Soundscape Project. Leonardo Music Journal, 50-54.
  • Walzer, D. (2017). Advancing Sonic Content in the Classroom: The Case for Introducing Simple Field Recording in Media Arts and Associated Courses. (8:1 pp. 35-40). Journal of Media Education
  • Skuse, G.R., Walzer, D., Tomasek, K., Baldwin, D., Bailey, M. (2017). Computer Science and the Liberal Arts: Hidden Synergies and Boundless Opportunities (pp. 45-61). Springer International Publishing
  • Walzer, D. (2017). Recalcitrance (Electroacoustic Composition). . Sn: Stannum – Electronic Miniatures. Janus Music and Sound.
  • Walzer, D. (2017). The Curricular Soundtrack: Designing Interdisciplinary Music Technology Degrees Through Cognitive Apprenticeship and Situated Learning (pp. 143-160). Springer International Publishing
  • Walzer, D. (2016). Digital Storytelling in Music and Audio Education: Inspiring Modern Reflective Practice with Relevant Technology. (2016:3 pp. 46-76).
  • Walzer, D., Skuse, G. (2016). Exploring the Role of Computer Science in the Liberal Arts [Poster]. (pp. 700). SIGCSE '16: The 47th ACM Technical Symposium on Computing Science Education Proceedings
  • Walzer, D. (2016). Independent Music Production: How Individuality, Technology, and Creative Entrepreneurship Influence Contemporary Music Industry Practices. (pp. 1-19). Creative Industries Journal
  • Walzer, D. (2016). Software-Based Scoring and Sound Design: An Introductory Guide for Music Technology Instruction. (pp. 19-26). Music Educators Journal
  • Walzer, D. (2016). The Graduate Audio Database Project: A Look into Pragmatic Decision-Making in Postgraduate AE Curricular Design. (pp. 1-10). Proceedings of the 141st Audio Engineering Society Convention
  • Walzer, D. (2015). Sound Exchange: Reframing Music Composition Educational Practice. Leonardo Music Journal, 25 34–36.
  • Walzer, D. (2015). E is for Expressive: Branding and Customizing E-Portfolios in Audio Education (pp. 1–6). Audio Engineering Society
  • Walzer, D. (2015). Critical Listening Assessment in Undergraduate Music Technology Programmes. Journal of Music, Technology & Education, 8(1) 41–53.
  • Walzer, D. (2014). Creative Use of Synthestration and MIDI Virtual Instruments in a Jazz Recording and Film Scoring Context (pp. 14–25). Bilkent University
  • Walzer, D. (2011). Effective Integration of Web 2.0 into Streaming Media Courses. Journal of Media Education, 2(1) 18–24.