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Duff Kirklewski

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Duff Kirklewski Adjunct Faculty Instructor


Acoustics and Psychoacoustics, Sound Recording Technology

Research Interest

Much of Mr. Kirklewski’s career has been spent in the world of test and measurement of sound and vibration. This has enabled him to develop a keen interest in and understanding of the physics of sound and vibration, and the measurement methods and digital signal processing needed to assess them not only in absolutes, but also relative to human perception. In addition, Kirklewski has been a musician for more than four decades, staring with accordion and moving on to guitar. He has designed, maintained and operated a project recording studio since the early ‘70’s, moving from simple analog two-track, on through multi-track and modular digital multi-track recorders, to more modern disc-based recording systems. This has enabled him to have considerable hands-on experience with signal processing and physical acoustics both as an end-user and impartial observer.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, Southeastern Mass University (U MA Dartmouth); post-graduate studies at Northeastern University


In college, Mr. Kirklewski was active at the SMU radio station WUSM, helping to construct and design a new project recording studio there and updating the station from mono to stereo. After college, he moved on to Raytheon Company where he later became a senior reliability engineer for the SPS-49 shipboard radar system, working to help improve system performance and reliability. From there, he moved down the frequency spectrum at BrÜel & KjÆr Instruments and transitioned into the field of acoustics which is more in synch with his musical heartbeat.

At BrÜel & KjÆr, Kirklewski worked as a Field Applications Engineer, designing and providing measurement solutions for sound and vibration problems and research. He also began teaching the subjects of Acoustics, Vibration, and Spectrum Analysis during his tenure with B&K and has continued to do so ever since, adding more related topics such as Modal Analysis and Noise Control.

In 1997 Mr. Kirklewski left his direct employment with BrÜel & KjÆr to concentrate on acoustical consulting full time. His clients range from Fortune 500 companies to churches where he provides measurements, sound and vibration solutions, and in-house seminars and education. He has lectured to trade associations and law enforcement agencies, and is a member of the ANSI WG47 standard committee.