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Bachelor of Music for Composition for New Media

Composition for New Media is a concentration based on a rigorous interdisciplinary program.

Image of hands composing music on an iPad, music department

The Bachelor of Music in Composition for New Media balances established coursework in musicianship, performance, and liberal arts with hands-on contemporary training in music and sound composition for all facets of commercial and artistic media. Students in this program compose, mix, design, and arrange music and sound assets for movies, web, television, animation, mobile and educational platforms, games, artistic installations, advertising, industrial media, interactive live performance, Virtual Reality systems and related outlets.

The academic catalog details the courses and requirements for the 120-credit Composition in New Media major including the:

Like all music major programs at UMass Lowell, this program requires: 

  • an entrance audition on an instrument or voice
  • the submission of a portfolio of scores/recordings/creative work

Once matriculated, students will continue to build their portfolio throughout the program, and will present that work for review at the end of both sophomore and junior years, and will be required to do an additional Capstone project culminating in a public recital, installation or portfolio presentation in their final semester.

Please refer to the admissions site for details.