Master of Music in Sound Recording Technology

Sound Recording Technology Professor William Moylan at a soundboard

Please Note: The University has temporarily suspended admissions to this program while we revise the curriculum and program.

The Master of Music in Sound Recording Technology program is designed to provide graduates with in-depth knowledge of current and experimental audio technologies, sound recording technology, production practice, and research practices and techniques. The SRT Master's program is the first to be offered by a public university in this country. The careers of the recording industry form the point of reference for the entire audio industry. They create a baseline of:

  1. the technical and creative skills required to execute production projects and
  2. the technology requirements of the production process, the development of consumer products, and work in the media. The MM:SRT program is focused on providing this knowledge and the related creative abilities.

For information about admission requirements, program requirements and program options, please refer to the graduate online academic catalog.

Two male students in a sound recording room, testing out the equipment's.

Program Options

Students must select either a technical or production option. These options allow the student to specialize in the technical/research or the artistic/production sides of the audio industry. The capstone project, either the thesis or the recording project, is the principal distinguishing element of each specialization. It is supported by an elective course agreed upon with the student's faculty advisor, who also will often be the thesis or recording project advisor.

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