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A musician plays a xylophone during a performance by the UMass Lowell World Music Ensemble at Celebrate Cambodian Arts, a festival honoring Cambodian cultural heritage. Photo by Ed Collier

The UMass Lowell Department of Music strives:

  • To create a musical community that values and is rich with cultural, social, and intellectual diversity.
  • To give the student an intensive professional education in his or her musical discipline.
  • To prepare each student with a strong, integrated foundation in creative musicianship.
  • To develop an informed and inquiring mind that enables each graduate to engage the fundamental issues of his or her art and to become an effective cultural leader in their communities.
  • To prioritize student success through offering the highest quality music instruction and opportunities for community engagement at an affordable cost.

The Department of Music is an innovative, contemporary institution dedicated to providing tomorrow's musicians with a superior education and viable career training within the changing musical landscape of the 21st century.

A cellist performs at the University Orchestra's "All You Need is Love!” Valentine's Day concert. Photo by Tory Germann

Statement of Objectives:

  • Provide the highest quality of education at an affordable cost;
  • Assess, evaluate and respond to the demands of the changing 21st century musical landscape;
  • Provide students with viable career prospects upon graduation;
  • Develop the next generation of musical leaders;
  • Promote entrepreneurial and innovative thinking;
  • Prioritize student success;
  • Create lifelong learners and continued engagement in professional fields;
  • Foster diverse musical thinking and training in a manner that acknowledges our contemporary global society;Provide a strong, integrated base of musical training with a thorough concentration in a chosen program area;
  • Prepare students for success in a rapidly changing economy; and
  • Foster a community of professional musicians, including our alumni.