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English-Theatre Arts Concentration Requirements

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The English-Theatre Arts concentration is designed to prepare students for graduate study as well as for careers in professional theatre, the entertainment industry, and many other fields. Training in theatre produces well-rounded students with strong analytical and communication skills who work well as a team and under pressure - abilities that many employers in business and industry also look for in the people they hire.

The core and distribution requirements provide a solid grounding in the nature and history of theatre and broad exposure to its various arts, including acting, directing, design, playwriting, and technical theatre. Students are encouraged to concentrate a substantial portion of their upper-level coursework within a particular area of their choice—for example, performance, design/tech, or writing/dramaturgy. A capstone-experience course gives each student the chance to do further advanced work within that chosen area.

UMass Lowell students perform the play Refuge.


The Theatre Arts concentration requires a minimum of 37 credits in required and elective courses.  Students take four core courses and at least seven electives distributed among the areas of technical theatre, performance, other creative electives, and dramatic literature/theatre history. Three credits in Production coursework and one capstone-experience course are also required.

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