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Dale Young

Dale Young headshot photo, Assistant Professor at UMass Lowell
Dale J YoungAssistant Professor
  • College
    College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
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    (978) 934-4000
  • Office
    O'Leary Library - 450
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Research Interests

Acting, Directing, The Creative Processes, Cross Cultural Exchange, Ensemble & Group Dynamics, Native/Indigenous Studies, Expressive Therapies, Improvisation, Clowning, Visual Arts


  • Ph D: Theatre, (2005), Bowling Green State University - Bowling Green, Ohio
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Building Bridges: Drew Hayden Taylor, Native Canadian Playwright in his Times
  • MA: Expressive Therapies (Interdisciplinary Specialization), (2000), Lesley University - Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • BA: Acting, (1989), The Theatre School of DePaul University - Chicago, Illinois


Originally hailing from Illinois and Iowa, Dale J. Young has been professionally active in the Performing and Visual Arts in many different venues and locations since he was 17-though his heart still lies with the Off Loop ChicagoTheatre scene where he worked steadily for 14 years. His primary interests are in the creative process, acting methods, group dynamics, and the possibilities inherent within the empathetic connection, cultural exchange, and intermodal transfer. He has most recently worked with Cortland Repertory Theatre of Cortland New York and is hard at work on a book length project centered around his friendship/experiences with an Ojibwa/Ahnishinabeg craftsman and elder.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Elected to Serve as Chair, Department of Performing Arts - Lock Haven University
  • Student Organization Advisor of the Year (2012) - Lock Haven University
  • Awarded Tenure (2011) - Lock Haven University
  • Student Choice Award for Classroom Teaching (2009) - Lock Haven University
  • Awarded "Best Male Performance" (2005) - Bowling Green State University

Selected Presentations

  • "Gibberish Improvisation and the Five 'W's'",
  • "Machines, Tools, Improvisation: Connecting Drama Activities to Your Core Curriculum!",
  • "Robeson High School Evaluation Pilot Project", - Chicago, IL
  • Body Language, Improvisational Theater and Effective Communication, - Chicago, IL
  • "Modeled Behavior and Role Playing for Effective Conflict Resolution" - Mid States Conference, - Chicago, Illinois
  • Music, Drama, and the Harlem Renaissance,
  • - THFM 215: Exploring Cultural Diversity Through Performance,
  • Using theatre students as Standardized Patients in Undergraduate Nursing Education - UML Second Annual Symposium on Teaching and Learning, 2014
  • - Acting Auditions, 2013 - Natick, MA
  • Games, Immersion, and the Stanislavsky System: Putting it to Work - KCACTF Region II Festival, 2012 - Indiana, Pennsylvania
  • Of Gibberish and Nonsense: Improvisation and Vocal Exploration for the Playfully Serious Actor - KCACTF Region II Festival, 2012 - Indiana, Pennsylvania
  • Interrogating the Frozen Native: Ojibwe Seventh Fire Teachings, Cross Cultural Gestures, and Primary Experiential Knowledge - PCA (Pop Culture Association) National Conference, 2012 - Boston, Massachusetts
  • - LHU High School Theatre Festival - Stage Combat and Clowning/Characterization, 2011 - Lock Haven, PA
  • Of Butt Butter, Giant Pink Pigs, and the Bumblebee RAGBRAI and Cycling Across Iowa with 10,000 of my closest friends: 'Bicycling and the Travel Event as a Means of Re-identification and Rehearsal for Change' - PCA (Pop Culture Association) National Conference, 2011 - San Antonio, Texas
  • - ENGL 110 Introduction to Literature, 2010
  • - Regional High School Thespians Festival, 2010 - Lock Haven, PA
  • Ishi's Brain: Never Resting - Celebrity, Recirculation, and Transference - Popular Culture Association of the South and the American Culture Association of the South 2009 Conference, 2009 - Wilmington, North Carolina
  • Of Gibberish and Nonsense: Improvisation and Vocal Exploration - KCACTF Region II Festival, 2008 - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • - Lock Haven University High School Theatre Festival, 2008 - Lock Haven, PA
  • Apathy or Fear: Skin Deep and From the Waist Up? - Mid American Theatre Conference, March 2007 - Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • - BGSU's Newcomers Production, 'Lysistrata', 2005 - Bowling Green State University
  • - THFM 141: Introduction to Theatre, 2005 - Bowling Green State University
  • - THFM 215: Exploring Cultural Diversity Through Performance, 2005 - Bowling Green State University
  • It's a Play about a Table: Exploring the Relationships of Director and Ensemble in a Newcomers Performance - Midwest Theater Conference, March 2005 - Kansas City, Kansas
  • - BGSU's Newcomers Production: 'Times Square Angel', 2004 - Bowling Green State University
  • Standing on Big Shoulders: Personalizing and Enlivening Creative Genealogy - Midwest Theater Conference, March 2004 - Chicago, Illinois
  • Sculpting Smoke and Cupping Water: Responses to Grotowski - Performance as Public Practice Conference, February 2004 - Austin, Texas
  • - ACS 250: Cultural Pluralism in the United States, 2003 - Bowling Green State University
  • - EDTL 349: Social Studies for the Middle Childhood Teacher, 2003 - Bowling Green State University
  • - ETHN 101: Introduction to Ethnic Studies, 2003 - Bowling Green State University
  • - THEA 215: Exploring Cultural Diversity through Performance, 2003 - Bowling Green State University
  • Renegotiating Games: Examining Pow Wow and Sport through Macaloon's View of Spectacle - Seventh Annual Conference on Holidays, Ritual, Festival, Celebration, and Public Display, May 2003 - Bowling Green, Ohio
  • Relationships: Jerzy Grotowski, Artaud, Stanislavsky and the Transmission of Action - 27th Annual Comparative Drama Conference, April 2003 - Columbus, Ohio
  • Pow Wow as Sport - Midwest Sport and Exercise Psychology Symposium, February 2003 - Bowling Green, Ohio
  • - THEA 202: Performance Studies I, 2001 - Bowling Green State University
  • Drama and Theater: Gibberish, Improvisation, Role Playing, and Conflict Resolution, 1997 - Colorado
  • Act! Action! Stories for Us!, 1995 - Chicago, IL
  • Circus of the Stars!, 1995 - Chicago, IL
  • De-Escalation and Role Playing, 1994 - Chicago, IL
  • Inference and Character Assumption, 1993 - Chicago, IL
  • Improvisational Role Playing and Conflict Resolution in a Camp Environment - Mid States Conference, 1993 - Chicago, Illinois
  • Quality on the Cheap! Innovative Camp Set Design and Production Ideas - Mid States Conference, 1993 - Chicago, Illinois
  • Nothing to be Afraid of! Arts, Mandates, and Hands On in the Classroom", 1992 - Mundelein, Illinois
  • Evaluating the Arts: Examining Drama, Testing and Evaluation According to the Illinois State Mandates, 1991 - Chicago, IL
  • Mandated Arts Implementation, 1991 - Geneva, Wisconsin

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Use of Standardized Patients in Nursing Fundamentals Education (2013), Grant - College of Health Sciences
    Soroken, L., Laccetti, M., Mote, S., Young, D.J.