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Kacey BeddoesAssistant Professor
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    College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
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Research Interests

Gender in engineering; research methodologies; engineering education; sociology of disciplines, sociology of education


  • Ph D: Science and Technology Studies, Virginia Tech


Kacey Beddoes is an Assistant Professor of Sociology. She earned her Ph.D. in Science and Technology Studies (STS) from Virginia Tech, along with graduate certificates in both Women’s and Gender Studies and Engineering Education. Her interdisciplinary research spans the fields of engineering education, higher education, STS, and gender studies. Her research has appeared in peer-reviewed journals, such as Social Studies of Science, Studies in Higher Education, and the Journal of Engineering Education. Her research interests include the sociology of science and engineering, gender, and engineering education. Kacey also serves as Associate Editor and Managing Editor of the journal Engineering Studies and as Assistant Editor of the Global Engineering Series at Morgan & Claypool Publishers. She holds leadership positions in the American Society for Engineering Education and the European Society for Engineering Education (Deputy Chair for the Working Group on Gender and Diversity).

Selected Publications

  • Beddoes, K., Panther, G. (2016) "How professors use the language of “perception” to explain underrepresentation,"
  • Peters, A., Beddoes, K., Brown, S., Chang, K. (2015) "Transportation Engineering Instructors’ Decision-Making Processes for Course Changes," Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education and Practice pp. 04015018
  • Meiksins, P., Beddoes, K., Layne, P., McCusker, M., Camargo, E., Boyd, K. (2015) "Women in Engineering: A Review of the 2014 Literature," SWE Magazine 61:2 pp. 40
  • Beddoes, K., Montfort, D., Brown, S. (2014) "Exploring conceptual understanding and personal epistemologies through metaphor," IEEE pp. 1-3
  • Beddoes, K., Pawley, A.L. (2014) "‘Different people have different priorities’: work–family balance, gender, and the discourse of choice," Studies in Higher Education 39:9 pp. 1573
  • Jones, K., Beddoes, K., Banerjee, D., Pawley, A.L. (2014) "Examining the flexibility bind in American tenure and promotion processes: an institutional ethnographic approach," Ethnography & Education 9:3 pp. 328