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Sociology Major


Sociologists study many different subjects: race and ethnicity, social policy, gender and sexuality, family and kinship, the nature of industrial capitalism, the effect of technology on modern society and interpersonal relationships. These are just a few of the many areas sociologists are interested in understanding. What draws these different areas together is the emphasis on understanding social life, both in our own society and cross-culturally. 

The sociology major offers students the opportunity to learn about our social world. Courses cover a wide range of fields. As part of their program, students are encouraged to work in the Lowell community. Many students complete corporate or agency internships in which they work within a field setting to gain needed job experience. 

Department members value the search for meaningful social change. Students who are interested in working in human services, social work, personnel management, urban planning, elder services, communications, law, education, research, community activism or full-time academic work might consider a major in sociology.   

For information on major field requirements and classes, please consult the undergraduate catalog.

Thesis Option 

The thesis option involves advanced reading, research and analysis in selected topics in sociology. Students taking this option are strongly advised to do so in the fall semester of the senior year. No more than six credits can be taken for thesis. There will be two readers for the thesis, one of whom will be the thesis adviser. Students will be asked to defend the thesis.