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Sociology Programs

Sociology Major

The major in sociology offers students a critical perspective based in social justice. Courses encompass such topics as the dynamics of social problems and policy, gender, and race inequalities, immigrant communities, the social inclusion of people with disabilities, families and youth, and homelessness and food insecurity. Service learning and internship opportunities are infused throughout the curriculum, giving all students opportunities to explore career paths, gain real world experience, and practice professional skills while serving the local community. A major in sociology offers a solid background for students interested in careers in policy, government, human services, social work, law and teaching. 

Policy and Social Problems Concentration

Students may choose a concentration in Policy and Social Problems, which provides a pathway for those who want to focus specifically on applying analytical tools of sociological thinking to social problems and their solutions. 


A minor in sociology allows students to bring a systematic understanding of the social world to their major field of study. The minor can compliment a number of majors including psychology, criminal justice, political science, history and business administration.

Integrated Curriculum and Skill Development

The Sociology Department has integrated a skill sequence into their courses that all major students will master by the time of their graduation. The skills developed will help major students succeed throughout all elements of their academic career, as well as provide to be beneficial for their career development. Throughout each level of courses, our students' skills will incrementally improve in the following areas:

  • Writing
  • Quantitative literacy
  • Research

In addition to providing a rigorous liberal arts education, the Sociology Department takes the initiative in providing support for our students in finding satisfying careers. We offer many tools and resources including:

  • Career development
  • Alumni network for internships
  • Service learning, community service, and practicum experience

Read more about admission requirements, program requirements, and course descriptions in the UMass Lowell online undergraduate catalog.