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College Scholarships

There are two different sets of scholarships awards by the College:

Dean's Scholarships are awarded during the admissions process and students do not apply directly for these.

In addition, the College awards scholarships from endowed funds. These scholarships include:

The Dean's Discretionary Award (U.S. Bank Fund) is awarded once each year by the College Scholarship Committee. It may be awarded in conjunction with other scholarships awarded by the College.

The Margaret Myers Hartford Scholarship is awarded once each academic year to a student majoring in Political Science, Psychology, or Sociology.  Recipients must be at the Sophomore, Junior, or Senior level in their degree program at the University, with an academic record showing a 3.0 grade point average or higher. 

The Ready Scholarship is awarded to a student by the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences Scholarship Committee. Recipients are students of exceptional merit who are U.S. citizens, who are at the Sophomore, Junior, or Senior level in their degree program, who have an academic record indicating a 3.2 GPA or higher, and who demonstrate financial need.

The Charles Carroll Scholarship is awarded to one or more students in the College of Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.  The scholarship recognizes academic achievement.

Students who hold sophomore through first semester senior status are eligible for these scholarships. Application materials are distributed to the Departments in Fine Art, Humanities, and Social Sciences each year. Interested students should check with their departments about these any departmental-based scholarships for which students may apply.

Additional information on scholarship opportunities within the University of Massachusetts is available through the Financial Aid Scholarship site. Also, visit the UMass Scholarship Search page.