Student reading computer screen
Dave Landrigan
David Landrigan, Ph.D. Associate Professor Emeritus


Sensation and perception, research methods and statistics, portals of consciousness, computer applications in psychology, neuropsychology, and chaos and nonlinear dynamics applications in psychology

Research Interest

Depth perception, color perception, nonlinear dynamics in perceptual systems, community building, and facilitating communities through the use of telecommunications.

Educational Background

B.S., Tufts University; M.A., Ph.D., University of New Hampshire.


David Landrigan, Ph.D. came to the University of Massachusetts Lowell in 1978 from Fordham University.  He is or has been a member of the Faculty Senate, Chancellor's Council, Technology Steering Committee, Teaching with Technology Task Force, Network and Computer Migration Committee, Strategic Management Task Force, University Reengineering Review Committee, Faculty Senate Executive Committee, Psychology Experimental Committee, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Telecommunications Forum, Library Futures Committee, and Board of Academic and Scientific Affairs of the Massachusetts Psychological Association. He is chairperson of the UMass Lowell Budget Planning Panel and former chair of the Faculty Senate Budget and Priorities Committee. Landrigan is a co-founder of the U Mass Lowell Community Lab, publisher of the Bridge Review: Merrimack Valley Culture, and a member of the Flowering City Steering Committee. 

Landrigan's publications have appeared in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, the Journal of Psychology, and the American Psychologist. In addition, Landrigan has published in materials research for dentistry in collaboration with faculty members at Tufts University.