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Michelle Haynes-Baratz

Michelle Haynes
Dr. Michelle C. Haynes-BaratzAssociate Professor
  • College
    College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Department
  • Phone
    (978) 934-3925
  • Office
    Health and Social Sciences Building - 311
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Research Interests

Workplace Diversity, Microaggressions, Stereotyping, and Discrimination


  • Ph D: Organizational Psychology, (2006), New York University - New York, NY
    Supporting Area: Quantitative Methods
  • MA: Industrial/Organizational Psychology, (2004), New York University - New York, NY
  • BA: Psychology, (1997), Wellesley College - Wellesley MA


Michelle Haynes-Baratz, Ph.D. is an organizational psychologist, specializing in the field of workplace diversity. Employing multiple methods, she investigates the challenges women and persons of color face within organizational contexts.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Thesis Fellowship in Psychology, Best dissertation in the area of Social Organizational Psychology (2006) - New York University, Douglas and Katherine Fryer Thesis Fellowship in Psychology
  • Mental Health Statistics Training Fellowship (2002) - NIMH
  • Dean's Minority Fellowship (2000) - New York University
  • Henry Mitchell MacCracken Fellowship (2000) - New York University

Selected Publications

  • Merriman, K.K., Galizzi, M., Turner, L., HaynesBaratz, . (2016) "Pay Mix Policies as (Dis)incentives in Motivated Job Choice Decisions", Translational Issues in Psychological Science 2:2 pp. 184-191
  • Haynes, M.C., Bond, M.A., Toof, R.T., Holmberg, M.D., T. & Shroll, . (2015) "Supporting a Diverse Healthcare Workforce through Innovative Partnerships.", Rutgers University Press. pp. 263
  • Dinh, K.T., HOLMBERG, M.D., Ho, I.K., Haynes, M.C. (2014) "The Relationship of Prejudicial Attitudes to Psychological, Social, and Physical Well-being within a Sample of College Students in the United States", Journal of cultural diversity 21:2 pp. 56-66
  • Bond, M., Haynes, M. (2014) "Workplace Diversity: A Social-ecological Framework and Policy Implications.", Social Issues and Policy Review 8:1 pp. 167-201
  • Bond, M., Haynes, M., Toof , R., Holmberg, M., Quinteros, J. (2013) "Healthy Diversity: Challenges of Staffing for Diversity in Community Health Centers.", Journal of Community Practice 21:1-2 pp. 62-86
  • Haynes, M.C. ( 1 ), ., Heilman, M.E. ( 2 ), . (2013) "It Had to Be You (Not Me)!: Women’s Attributional Rationalization of Their Contribution to Successful Joint Work Outcomes.", Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 39:7 pp. 956-969
  • Haynes, M.C., Toof, R.A., Holmberg, M.D., Bond, M.A. (2012) "Diversification of the Health Care Workforce: Six Research Propositions for Future Research", The International Journal of Diversity in Organizations, Communities and Nations 11:(5) pp. 163-174
  • Haynes, M.C., Lawrence, J.S. (2012) "Who's to Blame? Attributions of Blame in Unsuccessful Mixed-Sex Work Teams", Basic & Applied Social Psychology 34:(6) pp. 558-564
  • Haynes, M.C., Heilman, M.E., Borgida, E., Fiske, S.T. (2008) Subjectivity in the Appraisal Process: A Facilitator of Gender Bias in Work Settings. pp. 127-155
  • Haynes, M.C., Heilman, M., Karsten, M.F. (2006) Affirmative Action: Unintended Adverse Effects. 2: pp. 1-23
  • Haynes, M.C., Heilman, M.E., Dipboye, R.A., Colella, A. (2005) Combating Organizational Discrimination: Some Unintended Consequences pp. 353-378
  • Haynes, M.C., Heilman, M.E. (2005) "No Credit Where Credit is Due: Attributional Rationalization of Women's Success in Male-female Teams.", Journal of Applied Psychology 90:(5) pp. 905-916
  • Zanarini, M.C., Frankenburg, F.R., Reich, D.B., Marino, M.F., Haynes, M.C., Gunderson, J.G. (1999) "Violence in the Lives of Adult Borderline Patients", The Journal of nervous and mental disease 187:(2) pp. 65-71

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Healthy Diversity in Massachusetts: Supporting our Diverse Healthcare Workforce through Innovative Partnerships (2011), Grant - University of Massachuestts, President's Office (Creative Economy Fund)
  • Healthy Diversity: Workplace Diversity Challenges for Community Based Health Centers (2011), Grant - Seed Grant
  • Healthy Diversity: Organizational Staffing Policies & Practices to Promote Culturally Relevant Health Care in Community Health Centers (2009), Grant - The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues (SPSSI)
  • Travel Grant (2004), Grant - New York University
    Haynes, M.C.
  • Travel Grant (2003), Grant - New York University
    Haynes, M.C.
  • Campbell Award (2002), Grant - New York University
    Haynes, M.C.