Department of Psychology

Undergraduate Program

The department offers both major and minor areas of studies. Undergraduates may obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Psychology. This degree is available through the on-campus day program and also through online study. Psychology also may be chosen as a concentration for the Bachelor of Liberal Arts degree. Undergraduate majors with a strong academic record may apply to one of the department's two Bachelor/Master's programs that enable them to begin graduate study while still completing their Bachelor's degree.

Psychology has many specialities and the UMass Lowell Psychology department offers courses in several of them, including: experimental, developmental, social, community, personality and clinical psychology. The program combines theoretical study and scientific research methods with practical application through course work, field studies, community involvement, volunteerism and supervised independent research.

Many non-majors choose psychology courses to supplement their education. Majors select this course of study to prepare for careers in areas including social services, mental health, education, research and business. Undergraduates also may choose to specialize in developmental disabilities.

Each year the department presents special awards to graduating seniors who have outstanding achievements in areas of leadership, research and service.

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