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For Students

Practicum Information for Students

 Practicum FAQ for Students

 To Consider in Your Site Selection

  • A match between the student’s career goals and the projects sponsored by the site.
  • Tasks and skills that are unique and separate from any paid employment.
  • The development of new skills or significant enhancement of existing skills (e.g., requiring skills that are different from other jobs/roles the student has held previously).
  • The development of at least two of the four skill areas specified by the psychology master’s program as central to the role of a community-social psychologist (i.e., community assessment and program evaluation, program planning and development, advocacy and public policy, and community organizing and coalition building).
  • Attention to participant conceptualizer, interpersonal and group process skills, and general professional development.


  • Review practicum competencies and decide on priorities for learning.
  • Begin to research sites that will help you learn these skills. 
  • Check in with practicum instructor to clarify any questions and get advice about potential sites.
  • Contact agencies for informational interviews.
  • Consult with practicum instructor as needed.
  • Identify a site and fill out the Student Site Proposal Form (pdf). 
  • Submit to practicum instructor for approval.


 Placement Ideas and Resources

The following resources are available to help you find a practicum placement that is a good match for your interests and the skills you would like to develop, and to make the most of the experience:

 Prior Practicum Classes