A man and a woman looking at a laptop during the 2017 Greeley Peace Scholar event.

Practicum Class 2004 - 2005

Placement:YWCA of Greater Lawrence
Student: Barbara Allard
Supervisor:Christine Doherty

Practicum experiences include involvement in fundraising activities, learning about the web-based communications system, Kintera, and helping develop the design of the infrastructure which will include assessment of employees’ technical skills and helping in the training for the new system.


Placement:Jericho Road Partner Families Project
Student: Kevin Brander
Supervisor:Dan Holin

Practicum experiences include working with the Partners and coordinating Project activities throughout the project. This project is focused on assisting needy families in Lowell toward financial sustainability. Partners include volunteers from First Parish in Concord, case managers from Community Teamwork, Inc. in Lowell, and staff from Operation Frontline.


Placement:Center for Family, Work, and Community
Student: Ioana Crisan
Supervisor:Robin Toof

Practicum experiences include creating a guide for community users on a program evaluation and a library with past and present grants/reports that include evaluation. In addition, by being actively involved with one or more programs that function as partnerships, opportunities will exist for learning more about how partnerships are created, maintained, and developed, and their challenges.


Placement:Concord NH Police Department
Student: Julie Curtin
Supervisor:Lt. John Duval

Practicum experiences include community outreach with a variety of Concord, NH area agencies in the criminal justice field for the purpose of increasing the police department’s community resources and to evaluate and strengthen community programs. A community resources binder will be created and shared with the police department.


Placement:Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company; Human Resources & Recruiting Departments
Student: Jillian Giddings
Supervisor:Tracy McIntyre

Practicum experiences include working with the company’s Human Resources Department to promote employees’ involvement in volunteering in the community at large and finding a balance between work and family life. I additionally worked with the Recruiting Department on application analysis, interviews, and training.


Placement:Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Lowell A.D.A.M. Project
Student: Marilyn Masker
Supervisor:Jim Conlon

Practicum experiences include involvement in psycho-educational workshops with the purpose of empowering adolescent males, including character education, learned optimism, self-efficacy and ecological perspective. The program will include an alliance with adult community leaders and advocates of positive thinking and decision-making.


Placement:Arbour Health Care Systems Partial Hospitalization Program
Student: Kerry McClure
Supervisor:Tina Edwards

Practicum experiences include developing and facilitating conflict resolution and community activism groups with teens as well as networking with community educational and mental health agencies serving teens and their families in the Lowell area in order to expand advocacy services and raise awareness of barriers to families accessing mental health services.


Placement:Head Start,Bedford, MA
Student: MaryBeth Murphy
Supervisor:Deborah Linett

Practicum experiences include participation in trainings and involvement in the development of relationships between Head Start and the elderly population in the community. Additionally, activities include representing Head Start through membership in the Haverhill Community Violence Coalition.


Placement:UMass Lowell Labor Extension
Student: Melissa Nemon
Supervisor:Susan Winning

Practicum experiences include engaging in the process of how community organizations network and communicate within a social movement. They additionally included learning how various community resources, systems, and programs can be used to increase social justice.


Placement:International Institute of Lowell
Student: Rey Padua
Supervisor:Jane Benfey

Practicum experiences include acting as a volunteer coordinator. Activities include setting up a system for recruiting volunteers and developing a welcome packet for new volunteers.


Placement:Merrimack Education Center,Chelmsford, MA
Student: Sara Rondeau
Supervisor:Emma Weiss

Practicum experiences include gaining overall knowledge and understanding of how alternative school settings operate on a daily basis. Completed needs assessment regarding referrals from sending public schools to the alternative middle school. Activities will also include running weekly meetings with the senior class to work on college/job applications, résumés, and leadership/communication skills.


Placement:Lowell Division of Planning and Development
Student: Adam Spafford
Supervisor:Kathy Muldoon

Practicum experiences include gaining an understanding of how social programs are administered, grants are allocated, and Lowell’s future is planned. Activities involve participating in a marketing campaign designed to brand Lowell as a destination city and observing how the Lowell City Council operates and shapes the direction of the city.


Placement:Rape Crisis Services of Greater Lowell, Inc.
Student: Danielle Spezzafero
Supervisor:Elizabeth Cohen; Meredith Trueblood

Practicum experiences include completing a 35-hour training session to become a Certified Rape-Crisis Counselor. Activities will involve participating in Outreach Programs to 13 cities as well as being a part of the Child Assault Prevention Program (CAPP).


Placement:Temple Emanu-El, Haverhill, MA
Student: Shoshana Twersky
Supervisor:Rabbi Ira L. Korinow

Practicum experiences include participating toward effective intervention to strengthen programs and enhance teamwork. Act as a mentor and assist with teaching Judaic studies. Make a positive difference for community members, students, parents, teachers, staff, and volunteers, through caring and enhancing their lives in the spiritual and cultural foundation that is at the heart of the Temple.


Placement:Lowell Police Department, Crime Analysis Unit
Student: Romaine West
Supervisor:Tom Goulakos

Practicum experiences include engaging in the process of a literature review and interacting with and collecting data from local community agency members. Also analyzing and interpreting data obtained from existing reports and local community agencies and interacting with members of the department to gain a feeling of membership within the organization.


Placement:LifeLinks,Lowell, MA
Student: Henrique Wilson
Supervisor:Yvonne La-Garde

Practicum experiences include working with mentees in their places of work and analyzing data collected from surveys conducted at LifeLink Apprenticeship Program for direct care staff.


Placement:UMass Lowell Admissions and Community Service
Student: Bryan Wint
Supervisor:Michael Belcher

Practicum experiences include developing an overnight program for prospective minority students. Experience also includes conducting school visits in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.