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The Practicum

Practicum Class 2003 - 2004

Placement: Massachusetts Historical Commission, Boston
Student: Nicole Bell
Supervisor: Christopher Skelly

Practicum experiences: Evaluate local historical commissions for level of activity. Plan and implement possible interventions to increase activity level. Plan methods to share information on various by-laws and possible projects with local historical commissions. Begin to implement these plans.


Placement: Community Substance Abuse Center - Hudson, N.H. 
Student: Sheryl Bernard
Supervisor: Susan Latham

Practicum experiences: Collect data on methadone population in New Hampshire along with interpreting and presenting these data. Creation of assessment instrument to assist future program development to serve needs of substance abusing population.


Placement: Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell
Student: Jaclyn Cascio
Supervisor: Jesse Edwards

Practicum experiences: Oversee tutoring program: “Power Hour: Making Minutes Count” for youth members and informally track their progress. Evaluate program through multiple sources.


Placement: Girls, Incorporated of Nashua, N.H. 
Student: Sarah Ezolt
Supervisor: Nicole Power

Practicum experiences: Observe and interact with staff and girls during various activities. Be program instructor for the “Empower Me Program” and team couch for “Destination Imagination”.


Placement: Lowell Transitional Living Center
Student: Janice LaCroix
Supervisor: Robin Brown; Sharon Giannakas

Practicum experiences: Work as a case manager intern to develop evaluation and critical thinking skills. Based on identification of needs, try to find proper resources. Develop classes in substance abuse and create a resource book for case managers to utilize.


Placement: Lowell National Historical Park
Student: Paul Marion
Supervisor: Mehmed Ali

Practicum experiences: Researching and assisting with design of pilot program for new leaders for Lowell’s cultural heritage network. Work with coordinator regarding oversight of operations and facilitation of community activities. Observe planning and implementation of programs by various community culture and heritage organization.


Placement: Center for Family, Work, and Community
Student: Palak Mehta
Supervisor: Dan Toomey

Practicum experiences: Work on different research and outreach activities sponsored by Community Outreach Partnership Center (COPC) including presenting preliminary findings at an outreach workshop. Evaluate website contents and edit as needed. Create an up-to-date university resource list for youths. Research service learning and practicum courses offered by UML and present the information to community through COPC.


Placement: Health and Education Services Family Based Services Lynn, MA
Student: Joyce Newman
Supervisor: Michelle Fyrer

Practicum experiences: Meet with families served by the Department of Social Services to assess their needs in order to identify services which can assist them in stabilizing their familiy. Act as a order to identify services which can assist them in stabilizing their family. Act as a liaison between HES adolescent shelters, DSS staff, and families. Attend utilization review meetings. Assist in developing and conducting a satisfaction survey.


Placement: Spar and Spindle Girl Scout Council, Lowell, MA
Student: Susan Pella
Supervisor: Brenda Fitzgerald

Practicum experiences: Observe and participate with adults and girls, including gathering information and knowledge about the setting to assist in developing the Diversity Initiative. Help girls develop an awareness of the outside world with programs such as “Talking with T.J.” Bring the outreach initiative into the Extended Day after-school program at McAvinue School.


Placement: Boys and Girls Club of Greater Lowell
Student: Jada Pierce
Supervisor: Jesse Edwards

Practicum experiences: Assist with fund raising and other projects. For example, beautification of the girl’s locker room and upgrading of the fitness center. Participate in staff meetings, observe day to day operations, and become knowledgeable regarding club’s programs.


Placement: Windrush Farm Therapeutic Equitation, Inc.
Student: Carrie Pykett
Supervisor: Amanda Hogan

Practicum experiences: Assist with therapeutic horse riding classes for physically, mentally, and emotionally disabled persons, involvement with grant writing, and assist in building community relations and connections to help in further development. Solicit donated supplies and assist with development/creation of needed projects.


Placement: United Teen Equality Center
Student: Manisha Sharman
Supervisor: Juan Carlos Rivera; Gregg Croteau

Practicum experiences: Revive UTEC’s “Soup’s On” culinary arts program, assist in grant writing, and gain experience working with teens. Research sources for information regarding issues currently affecting Lowell teens. Attend staff meetings.


Placement: Alternative House
Student: Erin Sheehan
Supervisor: Kathy McCarthy

Practicum experiences: Work with legal advocacy staff providing assistance to victims in Lowell district court. Collaborate on V-Day 2004 program. Work with supervisor for outreach to Lowell public schools for children who witness abuse support group, attend weekly support group for battered women.


Placement: Lowell Community Counseling Center
Student: Nicole Skaff
Supervisor: Eileen Sanders; Paul Heffernan

Practicum experiences: Participate in and create curriculum for use in group discussions. Develop assessment skills. Involved in evaluation; for example, use of instruments to measure program effectiveness and community or client satisfaction with programs. Tutor for GED preparation, résumé writing, and mock interviewing with clients for potential jobs.


Placement: The Asunción de la Virgen María Parish, Lawrence
Student: Ana Valdez
Supervisor: Rev. Paul McManus

Practicum experiences: Organize health fair that targets the Latino population in Lawrence. Create and maintain partnerships with community leaders that will participate in this event. Plan and facilitate health fair committee meetings. Evaluate the process and outcomes.