Programs of Study

Religious Studies

A major in Philosophy with a concentration in Philosophy & Religious Studies requires a minimum of 30 credits and a maximum of 45 credits from courses in the Philosophy Department (of which up to 9 credits may be from the interdisciplinary courses as described below). At least 15 of the credits must be from courses numbered 300 or above. Students must meet the following requirements as well from among their 30-45 credits:

Required Introductory Courses:

All students must take 45.296 Introduction to World Religions

45.203     Introduction to Ethics  


45.201     Introduction to Philosophy

Philosophy & Religious Studies Electives: Five Courses

Students must take a minimum of 15 credits from the list of approved Philosophy & Religious Studies courses below, of which up to 9 credits may be from interdisciplinary courses in Philosophy & Religious Studies. Students should choose those courses that are most suitable to their particular interests. Not all of these courses will be offered in a given academic year; students may contact the Chair of Philosophy to determine when a given course will be offered. New courses relevant to Philosophy & Religious Studies may be added to the catalog from time to time; students may contact their advisors to determine whether a new course will count towards the Philosophy & Religious Studies concentration. 

45.304     God and Philosophy
45.340     Mysticism: East and West
45.348     Eastern Philosophy and Religion
45.350     World Philosophies
45.351     Problem of Evil
45.357     Science and Religion
45.371     Buddhist and Zen Philosophy
45.372     Chinese Philosophy
45.373     Arabic and Islamic Philosophy
45.374     Myth, Ritual and Festival

Interdisciplinary Courses in Philosophy & Religious Studies

In satisfying the Philosophy & Religious Studies electives requirement, students may also take courses from other departments that are relevant to the Philosophy & Religious Studies concentration. Students may take a maximum of 9 credits from outside philosophy for purposes of credit towards the Philosophy & Religious Studies concentration. Courses currently in the catalog that may count for Philosophy & Religious Studies credit include: 

48.357     The Sociology of Religion
42.250     The Bible As Literature
46.334     Islam and Politics
46.402     Women In Islam

For courses not on this list that may be relevant, students may consult with the Chair to see if they can count for the Philosophy & Religious Studies concentration. 

For more information, please view the Philosophy major in the undergraduate catalog.