United Nations General Assembly Hall

Chair: Ryan Dekeon

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Topics for NATO Council 2018:

  • Addressing the Burden Sharing and Defense Spending Pledge
  • Nuclear Threats to NATO Member States

Rules for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Voting Procedure

Unanimity is needed in order to reach a decision and to adopt a Draft Communique. Each Member State has one vote on each Draft Communique. Abstentions are permissible and do not count against unanimity, being interpreted as an absence of the abstaining state from voting procedure. Unfriendly amendments, which change the substantial meaning or content of the communique, do not require unanimity but a simple majority.

The Communique

The North Atlantic Council publishes communiques. A Draft Communique is the equivalent of a Draft Resolution and will require no special formatting different from that of other committees. These documents address a particular problem or issue relevant to NATO and are submitted in a draft form under the sponsorship of the delegates working in the Council. They are binding to the NATO Member States. In the communiques, delegates must address an opinion to a given situation and recommend actions to be taken by the NATO, similar to what would happen in a Draft Resolution from the United Nations.