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Bread and Roses Strike

January 2012 marked the 100th Anniversary of the Bread and Roses Strike which took place within the textile industry of Lawrence, Massachusetts. The links below provide access to a variety of teaching and presentation resources culled through years of research into the events and people surrounding the strike.

Virtual Exhibit:

Bread & Roses Centennial Exhibit

Video Resources:

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO in collaboration with the Lawrence Heritage State Park created a documentary of the history of the Bread & Roses Strike. The video serves as an introduction to the Lawrence strike exhibit at the Heritage State Park. With original footage, the inspiring video tells the story of this important moment in our collective history. 

View "Collective Voices: The Textile Strike of 1912" - (20 min.)

Powerpoint resources:

Bread & Roses Centennial: Is the Strike Relevant Today?

Bread & Roses Centennial: A History

Print resources:

Lorin Deland, "The Lawrence Strike: A Study", The Atlantic, May 1912

Ardis Cameron, "Bread and Roses Revisited: Women's Culture and Working-class Activism in the Lawrence Strike of 1912" in Ruth Milkman, edt., Women, Work and Protest:  A Century of U.S. Women’s Labor History, Routledge, 1985.

Steve Kellerman,"A Century of Writing on the IWW 1905-2005: An Annotated Bibliography of Books on the Industrial Workers of the World"

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Walter Miriam Pratt, article submitted to New England Magazine, January, 1912. 

Survey of Lawrence, 1912. Sponsored by the Trustees of the White fund.