Global Studies

Sample of Full-Time Individual Student Program of Study

Students can enroll in the program either on a full-time or part-time basis. Full-time study is equivalent to 9 credit hours per semester. 

Year 1: Fall Semester 
- GLS 701: Contemporary Global Studies
- GLS 703: Comparative and International Research
- Elective Course 1

Year 1: Spring Semester
- GLS 702: Theoretical Paradigms in Global Studies
- Elective Course 2
- Advanced Methodology course 1

Year 2: Fall Semester 
- Elective Course 3
- Elective Course 4
- Advanced Methodology course 2

After the accumulation of 27 course credits at the doctoral level (i.e., transfer credits from a Master’s program do not count), a student will register for their comprehensive exam. Exams are offered in October and February of each year.

Year 2: Spring Semester 
- Elective Course 5
- Advanced Methodology course 3*
- Comprehensive Exam

Year 3: Fall Semester 
- GLS 706 (or GLS 705 + 1 additional elective)
- Additional electives if required **

Year 3: Spring Semester
- GLS 753/756/759 Dissertation Supervision (3/6/9 credits)
- Oral Defense of Dissertation Proposal

Year 4: Fall Semester 
- GLS 753/756/759 Dissertation Supervision (3/6/9 credits)

Year 4: Spring Semester
- GLS 753/756/759 Dissertation Supervision and Oral Dissertation Defense

* Applicants with a strong research methods background can waive the third required methods course and choose an additional elective course instead, based on approval of the Global Studies program committee.

** This sample program of study assumes a student transferred the maximum 21 credits from a prior master’s degree program