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Paul Keen

Paul Keen
Dr. Paul KeenAssistant Professor, Hellenic Studies Program Director
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    College of Fine Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
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    (978) 934-5232
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    Dugan Hall - 106I
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Research Interests

Greek and Hellenistic history; economic and political history; state formation and power dynamics in the Hellenistic east; cultural interaction and identity; epigraphy; numismatics.


  • Ph D: Classics, (2012), University of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois
  • MA: Classics, (2005), University of Chicago - Chicago, Illinois
  • MA: Ancient History, (2003), Royal Holloway, University of London - Egham, Surrey, UK
  • BA: Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, (2002), Franklin & Marshall College - Lancaster, Pennsylvania


Dr. Keen is an ancient historian with interests in processes of state formation and imperial power in the pre-modern Mediterranean. His research focuses on the eastern Mediterranean kingdoms of the Hellenistic period with particular emphasis on the Ptolemaic kingdom outside Egypt, epigraphy, and numismatics. Currently, Keen is at work on a book project on Ptolemaic power in Cyprus.

Selected Awards and Honors

  • Departmental Teaching Award (2015), Teaching - History Department, UMass Lowell
  • Franke Institute for the Humanities Doctoral Fellowship (2011), Scholarship/Research - University of Chicago
  • Fulbright Fellowship (2010), Scholarship/Research - Fulbright Fellowship Program
  • American Numismatic Society Fellowship (2009), Scholarship/Research - American Numismatic Society
  • Heinrich Schliemann Fellowship in Archaeology (2006) - American School of Classical Studies

Selected Publications

  • Keen, P. (2017) "EH 96. The Iraq al-Amir Hoard, 1993 (CH 9.493, CH 10.468)", Egyptian Hoards I: The Ptolemies pp. 76-133
  • Keen, P. (2017) "Political Power and the Decline of Epichoric Languages and Writing Systems in Hellenistic Cyprus ", Ancient History Bulletin 30.3-4: pp. 87-102
  • Keen, P., Olivier, J. (2016) "Nea Paphos as Ptolemaic Mint and Administrative Center", Nea Paphos. Fondation et développement urbanistique d'une ville chypriote de l'antiquité à nos jours. Etudes archéologiques, historiques et patrimoniales. pp. 261-273
  • Keen, P. (2016) "Review of Aliquot, Julien and Corinne Bonnet (ed.). La Phénicie hellénistique: Actes du colloque international de Toulouse (18-20 février 2013). Topoi Supplément, 13. Lyon: Société des Amis de la Bibliothèque Salomon-Reinach, 2015. ", BMCR 2016.12.27
  • Keen, P. (2015) "Review of Ian Worthington, By the Spear: Philip II, Alexander the Great, and the Rise and Fall of the Macedonian Empire. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2014. ", Classical Journal of New England 42.2: pp. 129-131
  • Keen, P., Petzl, G. (Univeristät zu Köln) (2014) "Two ‘Migrating’ Stones with Three Inscriptions", ZPE 191: pp. 189-192

Selected Presentations

  • How to Rule the World: Coinage and Power in the Hellenistic World, March 2016 - Mt. Vernon, IA
  • How to Rule the World: Gods, Kings, and Soldiers in the Hellenistic East, March 2016
  • To Kill a King: Continuity and Change in Hellenistic Cyprus, December 2015
  • Epichoric Writing Systems and Political Power in Late Classical and Early Hellenistic Cyprus - Annual Meeting of the Association of Ancient Historians, May 2015 - Santa Barbara, CA
  • Coinage, Culture, and Power in the Ancient Near East after Alexander, April 2013
  • Reconsidering the Impact of the Ptolemaic Closed Monetary Zone Outside of Egypt, January 2013 - Chicago

Research Currently in Progress

  • Kourion Urban Space Program: The Coins

    Publication of numismatic finds from Kourion excavation
    Keen, P.

  • Kyrenia Ship: The Coins

    Publication of numismatic finds from Kyrenia Shipwreck.
    Keen, P.

  • The Ptolemies and the Island of Aphrodite: Ptolemaic Power in Cyprus, 321-31 BCE

    Book manuscript in progress
    Keen, P.