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Careers in History

History majors can choose from an extensive array of potential careers.

The training you receive as a history major provides you with excellent skills in writing, research, analysis, and public presentations. Many history majors will opt to become teachers at the elementary, secondary or college level. Others will become librarians, lawyers, journalists, public servants and so forth (see list below, including faculty with direct expertise in these different areas). Also below are weblinks intended to help you think about possible careers with your History major.

As a history major, you could become a ...

Career Faculty and Staff with expertise in this area
Archaeologist Paul Keen
Archivist Anthony Sampas (Library)
Art Historian / Appraiser Marie Frank (Art & Design)
Intelligence Analyst
Foreign Service Officer Paul Keen
High School Teacher Christopher Carlsmith
Lawyer Frank Talty (Dean’s Office)
Legislative Assistant Paul Keen
Librarian UMass Lowell Librarians
Management / Business
Museum Educator Abby Chandler
National Park Ranger Robert Forrant
Non-profit management
Political staff
Professor All members of the History Department
Living History Interpreter Abby Chandler
Something else...