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Undergraduate Course Rotation

Course Rotations for History 2018-2021

(This is a tentative schedule, subject to change each semester)

*Graduate Level Courses
**Honors Courses

YearSemesterFaculty NameCourse Title
2018SpringChristopher CarlsmithIntroduction to Archives*
2018SpringShehong ChenChina and the Modern World
2018SpringAndrew DrenasByzantine History & Civilization
2018SpringLisa EdwardsN/A - sabbatical
2018SpringLauren FogleTopics in History: Women in the Middle Ages
2018SpringLauren FogleArt and the Nazis**
2018SpringLauren FogleIlluminating the Middle Ages**
2018SpringRobert ForrantThe Twenties and the Thirties
2018SpringElizabeth Herbin-TriantAfrican American History
2018SpringPaul KeenLaw in the Ancient Greek World
2018SpringPaul KeenAncient Mediterranean: Cultures in Contact
2018SpringJonathan LiebowitzWorld War II
2018SpringChad MontrieAlcohol in American History**
2018SpringMichael PiersonWomen in American History
2018SpringMichael PiersonJacksonian America
2018SpringFletcher SmithHistory of Japan Since 1600
2018SpringChristoph StrobelNative American History
2018SpringChristoph StrobelSub-Saharan Africa
2018SpringElizabeth WilliamsResearch Seminar: Environmental History of the Middle East and North Africa
2018SpringElizabeth WilliamsIntroduction to Historical Methods
2018SpringPatrick YoungWar and Memory in 20th Century France
2018SpringPatrick YoungPost-Colonial Europe*

2018FallChristopher CarlsmithWestern Civilization
2018FallAbigail ChandlerEarly America Through Material Culture
2018FallShehong ChenChinese Foreign Policy
2018FallShehong ChenReading Seminar on Modern China*
2018FallAndrew DrenasEarly Christianity
2018FallLisa EdwardsModern Latin America
2018FallLisa EdwardsResearch Seminar: U.S. and Latin American Relations
2018FallLauren FogleEurope in the Middle Ages**
2018FallLauren FogleArt and the Nazis**
2018FallLauren FogleTudor and Stuart England
2018FallRobert ForrantU.S. Immigration History
2018FallElizabeth Herbin-TriantHistory of the U.S. South
2018FallElizabeth Herbin-TriantIntroduction to Historical Methods
2018FallPaul KeenAncient Greek History
2018FallPaul KeenAthenian Democracy*
2018FallJonathan LiebowitzEuropean Social and Economic History
2018FallJoseph LipchitzEngland: The Middle Ages
2018FallChad MontrieMalcolm X
2018FallMichael PiersonCivil War & Reconstruction
2018FallMichael PiersonAmazing American Lives
2018FallFletcher SmithUS Military History
2018FallChristoph StrobelNative American History
2018FallChristoph StrobelSub-Saharan Africa
2018FallElizabeth WilliamsHistory of Middle East & Islamic World
2018FallElizabeth WilliamsEmpire and Resistance in the Middle East**
2018FallPatrick YoungThe World of Things: Consumer Cultures in Historical Perspective

2019SpringChristopher CarlsmithInquisition: Myth and Reality
2019SpringAbigail ChandlerColonial North America, 1550-1750
2019SpringShehong ChenWomen in China
2019SpringLisa EdwardsReform and Revolution in 20th Century Latin America
2019SpringLisa EdwardsThe Cuban Revolution
2019SpringLauren FogleArts and the Nazis**
2019SpringLauren FogleIlluminating the Middle Ages**
2019SpringLauren FogleTopics in History: Women in the Middle Ages**
2019SpringRobert ForrantResearch Seminar: History of Lowell and Lawrence
2019SpringElizabeth Herbin-TriantAge of Jim Crow
2019SpringElizabeth Herbin-TriantTopics in African American History*
2019SpringPaul KeenRoman History
2019SpringChad MontrieFood in American History
2019SpringChad MontrieVietnam War
2019SpringMichael PiersonIntroduction to Historical Methods
2019SpringMichael PiersonAmerican Women and Public Activism
2019SpringFletcher SmithRussia 1796 to Present
2018SpringFletcher SmithJapan since 1600
2019SpringChristoph StrobelAmerica and World History
2019SpringChristoph StrobelNative American History
2019SpringElizabeth WilliamsEnvironmental History of the Middle East and North Africa*
2019SpringPatrick YoungFrench Revolution & Napolean
2018SpringJonathan LiebowitzWorld War II

2019FallChristopher CarlsmithChildhood in Pre-Modern Europe
2019FallAbigail ChandlerAmerican Revolution in the World*
2019FallAbigail ChandlerBritish Colonization in the 18th Century
2019FallShehong ChenChina and the Modern World
2019FallAndrew DrenasByzantine History and Civilization
2019FallLisa EdwardsColonial Latin America
2019FallLisa EdwardsWorld of the Atlantic
2019FallLauren FogleEurope in the Middle Ages
2019FallRobert ForrantWork and Society
2019FallElizabeth Herbin-TriantAfrican-American History
2019FallElizabeth Herbin-TriantIntroduction to Historical Methods
2019FallPaul KeenAncient Greek History
2019FallChad MontrieThe Practice of History
2019FallChad MontrieRadicalism in American History
2019FallMichael PiersonResearch Seminar: North in Civil War
2019FallFletcher SmithU.S. Military History
2019FallFletcher Smith20th Century Europe
2019FallChristopher StrobelNative American History
2019FallElizabeth Williamssabbatical
2019FallPatrick Youngsabbatical

2020SpringChristopher Carlsmith
Renaissance and Reformation
2020SpringAbigail ChandlerFrench & Indian and Revolutionary Wars
2020SpringAndrew DrenasReligions in Medieval Europe
2020SpringLisa EdwardsModern Latin America
2020SpringLisa EdwardsReform and Revolution in Latin America
2020SpringLauren FogleWomen in Middle Ages
2020SpringRobert ForrantThe Twenties and The Thirties
2020SpringRobert ForrantImmigration History*
2020SpringElizabeth Herbin-TriantAmerican Slavery: History, Fiction, Film
2020SpringPaul KeenRoman History
2020SpringPaul KeenAncient Mediterranean: Cultures in Contact
2020SpringChad MontrieFood in American History
2020SpringChad MontrieIntroduction to Historical Methods
2020SpringMichael Piersonsabbatical
2020SpringChristoph StrobelWorld History: Theory & Practice*
2020SpringFletcher SmithRussia since 1796
2020SpringFletcher SmithJapan since 1600
2020SpringChristoph StrobelNative American History
2020SpringChristoph StrobelWorld History: Theory & Practice*
2020SpringTBA (Edwards ?)Research Seminar (History of Mexico ?)
2020SpringElizabeth WilliamsEmpire and Resistance in the Middle East
2020SpringElizabeth WilliamsEnvironmental History of the Middle East and North Africa*
2020SpringPatrick YoungFascism and the Radical Light in Twentieth Century Europe

2020FallChristopher CarlsmithIntroduction to Archives*
2020FallAbigail ChandlerCaptivity Narratives & Colonial Society
2020FallLisa EdwardsColonial Latin America
2020FallLisa EdwardsThe Cuban Revolution
2020FallLauren FogleEngland in the Middle Ages
2020FallRobert ForrantTBD
2020FallElizabeth Herbin-TriantIntroduction to Historical Methods
2020FallElizabeth Herbin-TriantAge of Jim Crow
2020FallPaul KeenAncient Greek History
2020FallPaul KeenWarfare in the Ancient World
2020FallChad MontrieMalcolm X
2020FallMichael PiersonDemocracy in the USA
2020FallFletcher SmithUS Military History
2020FallFletcher Smith20th Century Europe
2020FallChristoph StrobelSub-Saharan Africa
2020FallChristoph StrobelResearch Seminar: Native People of NE Woodlands
2020FallElizabeth WilliamsHistory of the Middle East and Islamic World I
2020FallElizabeth WilliamsIntroduction to Historical Methods
2020FallPatrick YoungImmigration and Assimilation in Contemporary Europe
2020FallPatrick YoungPost-Colonial Europe*

2021SpringChristopher CharlsmithTBD
2021SpringAbigail ChandlerColonial North America, 1550-1750
2021SpringLisa EdwardsModern Latin America
2021SpringLisa EdwardsResearch Seminar: US-Latin American Relations
2021SpringRobert ForrantUS Industry in 20th Century
2021SpringElizabeth Herbin-TriantHistory of the South
2021SpringPaul KeenAthenian Democracy and Political Culture*
2021SpringChad MontrieFood in American History
2021SpringMichael PiersonIntroduction to Historical Methods
2021SpringFletcher SmithRussia Since 1796
2021SpringFletcher SmithJapan Since 1600
2021SpringChristoph StrobelAmerica and the World
2021SpringChristoph StrobelNative American History
2021SpringElizabeth WilliamsHistory of the Middle East and the Islamic World II
2021SpringElizabeth WilliamsEnvironmental History of the Middle East and North Africa*
2021SpringPatrick YoungThe World of Things: Consumer Cultures in the Modern West
2021SpringLauren FogleWomen in the Middle Ages