Undergraduate Course Rotation

Course Rotations for History 2017-2019

YearSemesterFaculty NameCourse Title
Christopher Carlsmith
Renaissance and Reformation
2017FallAbby ChandlerThe American Revolution in the World
2017FallShehong ChenWomen in China
2017FallAndrew DrenasEarly Christianity 
2017FallLisa EdwardsColonial Latin America
2017FallLisa EdwardsCuban Revolution
2017FallLauren FogleEurope in the Middle Ages
2017FallLauren FogleIlluminating the Middle Ages
2017FallLauren FogleArt and the Nazis
2017 FallBetsy Herbin-TriantAge of Jim Crow
2017FallBetsy Herbin-TriantU.S. History through Film
2017FallPaul KeenAncient Greek History
2017FallChad Montrie Malcolm X
2017Fall Michael PiersonCivil War in Memory
2017FallMichael PiersonCivil War and Reconstruction
2017FallFletcher SmithU.S. Military History
2017FallFletcher SmithJapan Since 1600
2017FallFletcher SmithRussia 1796 to Present
2017FallChristoph StrobelN/A - sabbatical 
2017FallElizabeth WilliamsIntroduction to Historical Methods
2017FallElizabeth WilliamsHistory of the Middle East and Islamic World
2017FallPatrick YoungImmigration and Assimilation in Contemporary Europe 
2018SpringChristopher Carlsmith Introduction to Archives
2018SpringAbby ChandlerCaptivity Narratives and Colonial Societies
2018SpringShehong Chen China and the Modern World
2018SpringAndrew DrenasByzantine History & Civilization
2018SpringLisa EdwardsN/A - sabbatical 
2018SpringLauren FogleSpec. Topics: Women in the Middle Ages
2018SpringLauren FogleArt and the Nazis
2018SpringLauren FogleIlluminating the Middle Ages
2018SpringBob ForrantU.S. in the 1920s & 1930s 
2018SpringBetsy Herbin-TriantAfrican American History
2018SpringPaul KeenLaw in the Ancient Greek World
2018SpringPaul KeenAncient Mediterranean: Cultures in Contact
2018SpringJonathan LiebowitzWorld War II
2018SpringJoseph LipchitzMedieval Institutions
2018SpringChad MontrieAlcohol in American History
2018SpringMichael PiersonWomen in American History
2018SpringMichael PiersonJacksonian America 
2018SpringStaffEurope in the 20th Century
2018SpringFletcher SmithHistory of Japan Since 1600
2018SpringChristoph StrobelNative American History
2018SpringChristoph StrobelSub-Saharan Africa
2018SpringElizabeth WilliamsResearch Seminar: Envrion. Hist. Middle East and N. Africa
2018SpringElizabeth WilliamsHistorical Methods
2018SpringPatrick YoungWar and Memory in 20th Century France
2018SpringPatrick YoungPost-Colonial Europe
2018 FallChristopher CarlsmithHistory, Writing & Community
2018FallAbby ChandlerColonial North America
2018FallShehong ChenChinese Foreign Policy
2018FallAndrew DrenasEarly Christianity
2018FallLisa EdwardsModern Latin America
2018FallLisa EdwardsCuban Revolution
2018 FallLisa EdwardsResearch Seminar: U.S. Latin American Relations
2018FallLauren FogleEurope in the Middle Ages
2018FallLauren FogleArt and the Nazis
2018FallLauren FogleTudor and Stuart England
2018 FallBob ForrantU.S. Immigration History
2018FallBetsy Herbin-TriantHistory of the U.S. South
2018FallBetsy Herbin-TriantHistorical Methods
2018FallPaul KeenAthenian Democracy
2018FallChad MontrieMalcolm X
2018FallChad MontrieLowell as Text
2018FallMichael PiersonAmerican Women's History
2018FallFletcher SmithJapan Since 1600
2018FallChristoph StrobelWorld History: Theory and Practice
2018FallChristoph StrobelSub-Saharan Africa
2018FallElizabeth WilliamsIntroduction to Historical Methods
2018FallElizabeth WilliamsEmpire and Resistance in the Middle East
2018FallPatrick YoungWorld of Things: Consumer Cultures in Historical Perspective
2019SpringChristopher CarlsmithInquisiton: Myth and Reality
2019SpringAbby ChandlerThe French and Indian and Revolutionary Wars
2019SpringShehong ChenWomen in China
2019SpringAndrew DrenasReligions in Medieval Europe
2019SpringLisa EdwardsWorld of the Atlantic
2019SpringLauren FogleArts and the Nazis
2019SpringLauren FogleIlluminating the Middle Ages
2019SpringLauren FogleSpec. Topics: Women in the Middle Ages
2019SpringBob ForrantWork & Society
2019SpringBetsy Herbin-TriantAmerican Slavery: History, Fiction, Film
2019SpringBetsy Herbin-TriantU.S. History Through Film
2019SpringPaul KeenRoman History
2019SpringPaul KeenWarfare in the Ancient World
2019SpringChad MontrieFood in American History
2019SpringChad MontrieVietnam War
2019SpringMichael PiersonDemocracy in the United States, 1800-1860
2019SpringFletcher SmithEurope in the 20th Century
2019SpringFletcher SmithThe 1920s and 30s
2019SpringChristoph StrobelAmerica and World History
2019SpringChristoph StrobelNative American History
2019SpringElizabeth WilliamsEnvironmental History of the Middle East
2019SpringPatrick YoungEurope in the 20th Century
2019FallForrant, BobU.S. Industry in the 20th Century
2019FallMontrie, ChadRadicalism in American History
2019FallMontrie, ChadLowell as Text
2020SpringForrant, BobU.S. since 1960