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Tommaso Tempesti

Tommaso Tempesti
Tommaso Tempesti, Ph.D. Associate Professor


International Trade, Labor Economics

Research Interests

International trade, health economics, and labor economics.

Effects of international trade on the labor market, and occupational health.


  • Ph D: Economics, (2011), Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN
    Dissertation/Thesis Title: Three Essays on International Trade and Labor Market Outcomes
  • BA: Philosophy, (2001), Universita di Firenze - Firenze, Italy


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Selected Publications

  • Moro, A., Tello-Trillo, S., Tempesti, T. (2019). The Impact of Obesity on Wages: the Role of Personal Interactions and Job Selection. LABOUR, 33(2) 125--146.
  • Sabbath, E.L., Williams, J.A., Boden, L.I., Tempesti, T., Wagner, G.R., Hopcia, K., Hashimoto, D., Sorensen, G. (2018). Mental Health Expenditures: Association with Workplace Incivility and Bullying Among Hospital Patient Care Workers. Journal of occupational and environmental medicine.
  • Tempesti, T. (2016). A Note on Wage Regressions and Benefits (36:3 pp. 1580-1594). Economics Bulletin
  • Lahiri, S., Tempesti, T., Gangopadhyay, S. (2016). Is There an Economic Case for Training Intervention in the Manual Material Handling Sector of Developing Countries? Journal of occupational and environmental medicine / American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 58(2) 211-214.
  • Tempesti, T. (2016). Offshoring and the Skill-premium: Evidence from Individual Workers’ Data. World Economy, 39(10) 1628-1652.
  • Tempesti, T. (2015). Offshoring and the Skill‐premium: Evidence from Individual Workers’ Data. The World Economy.
  • Galizzi, M., Tempesti, T. (2015). Workers’ Risk Tolerance and Occupational Injuries. Risk Analysis, 35(10) 1858-1875.
  • Tempesti, T., Barkin, S., Gesell, S., Po'e, E., Escarfuller, J. (2012). Culturally Tailored, Family-Centered, Behavioral Obesity Intervention for Latino-American Preschool-aged Children. Pediatrics, 130(3) 445-456.
  • Po'e, E.K., Neureiter, C., Escarfuller, J., Gesell, S.B., Tempesti, T., Widman, P., Barkin, S.L. (2012). Systematic Exposure to Recreation Centers Increases use by Latino Families with Young Children. Childhood Obesity, 8(2) 116-123.

Selected Presentations

  • Graduate Research Day, - Vanderbilt University, Tennessee
  • Eastern Economics Association, March 2012 - Boston, MA
  • Southern Economics Association Conference, April 2011 - University of Notre Dame, Indiana
  • International Trade Seminar Workshop, 2010 - Vanderbilt University, Tennessee
  • Southern Economics Association Conference, November 2010 - Atlanta
  • All China Economics (ACE) International Conference, December 2009 - Hong Kong

Selected Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research

  • Dissertation Writer Fellow (2007), Fellowship - Vanderbilt University Center for Ethics
  • Graduate Fellowship/Assistantship (2003), Fellowship - Vanderbilt University