Eve Buzawa

Eve Buzawa

Eve Buzawa, Criminal Justice, Gender Studies

Chair of the School of Criminology & Justice Studies, Professor
Health and Social Sciences Building #415


Domestic violence, with a specific focus on criminal justice & societal interventions; victimology; police organizations & behavior.

Research Interest

Domestic Violence; Policing; Victims of Crime; Violence Against Women


Educational Background

B.A. University of Rochester

Ph.D., M.S., Michigan State University


Eve Buzawa is Director and Chairperson of the School of Criminology & Justice Studies at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Rochester and her Master's and Doctoral degrees from the School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University. Buzawa’s research interests and publications encompass a wide range of issues pertaining to policing, domestic violence, and violence against women. She has authored and edited numerous books and monographs. Her publications include Violence against Women in Families and Relationships: Making and Breaking Connections, a 4 volume set, (Co-Editor with Evan Stark, 2009), Responding to Domestic Violence: The Integration of Criminal Justice Response & Human Services published by Sage Publications (2016) (with Carl Buzawa & Evan Stark). Currently, she is working on a book for Springer Publications, Global Responses to Domestic Violence. She has also served as a Principal Investigator on several federally funded research projects as well as directing numerous state funded research and training projects.

She is Past President of the Society of Police and Criminal Psychology, Past President of the Northeast Association of Criminal Justice Sciences, and past Board Member for the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.


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  • Volume 1 Victimization and the Community Response
  • Volume 2  The Family  Context
  • Volume 3  Criminal Justice and the Law
  • Volume 4  The Media and Cultural Attitudes

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Selected Book Chapters and Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

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