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Internship Forms

The Request for Placement form (doc) indicates interest in an internship placement. It is used to describe the learning outcomes the student hopes to achieve from the placement and when he or she would like to participate. Students are also required to provide contact information for three members of UMass Lowell faculty or staff who will provide a recommendation for the student's placement. This is the first step if you are seeking a pre-approved, departmentally sponsored internship or if you are seeking help with finding an internship or volunteer position on your own.

The Practicum Application Form (doc) is the formal request for practicum credit for an internship, indicating the specific placement, supervisor contact information, job description, and anticipated outcomes. This form is submitted to the Department Internship Coordinator for review. If you found your own internship and want academic credit, this form is your first step. The Internship Coordinator will need to screen your position before the internship can be approved for academic credit.

Forms should be submitted to the English Department's Internship Coordinator, Prof. Diana Archibald. Please leave completed forms and applications in her box in the English Dept. office.

Students may contact the English Department Internship Coordinator, Diana Archibald, at any time with questions or ideas. E-mail: or phone: 978-934-4199.