Economic Social Development of Regions


The benefit of an interdisciplinary program is not only the variety of different research interests, but also different approaches to those interests. Program faculty members often work in teams to tackle research projects. Research interests include youth in the workplace, community building, raising the minimum wage, sources of income inequality, the importance of manufacturing to the economy, the globalization of the high-tech labor force, and the financialization of the economy.

Take a moment to look at the list of theses and projects completed by graduates of the ESDR program.

Research Institutes

Faculty and students are involved in a variety of research efforts:

Research Assistantships and Theses

A limited number of research assistantships (RAs) are available for highly qualified students. Students may be involved with faculty on research projects through their work on research assistantships. Research assistantships result in joint publications with professors. Students may also initiate their own research by undertaking a thesis. All students undertake either a thesis or a professional project to graduate from the program.

A thesis (6 credits) involves creating a research question, investigating it, and writing a substantial scholarly analysis on it under the direction of a team of professors.